Free Music Downloads: For Fans of Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday was an American jazz singer and songwriter. Her voice was so epic it has influenced countless of jazz singers since. Today’s Free Music Downloads list is for fans of Billie Holiday.

Crystal ThomasThe Touch of My Skindownload – Crystal has spent fifteen years in Melbourne’s music scene and released two studio albums She has collaborated with other musicians including Bill Chambers and Claire Moore. Her new music project takes her to new territory. Crystal is also working on a novel that she has been chipping away at while completing her BA.

Donna GreeneA Girl’s Gotta Have a Little Pleasuredownload – It’s a perfect combination of tasty old blues women songs, bluesy classics performed with ultimate cool, a selection of distinctive, horn-laden jazz riffs with a woman who can really tell a story. Donna Greene has the range of Eva Cassidy, the grit of Etta James and the sly phrasing of Billie Holiday.

Kaleigh MasonBe Mine & Hold Ondownload – Like other songs from Kaleigh’s catalog, the single is catchy and crosses into an R&B and classic doo wop aesthetic. The Exorcism is a story told about a girl, from the first person perspective. “It is about a girl so heartbroken, feeling so much pain that she wants every religious/spiritual person and figure to come together for her exorcism and exorcise her demons.

State Recall Warpeddownload – You are at a party. You are having a very disconnected conversation, in an altered state. Then you hear a voice from inside the walls. The voice is the only one you want to hear. When you connect with the person who’s voice it belongs to it saves you. The altered state subsides. You are home. “Are you there, my love?”

James ApolloTrim Another Treedownload – James Apollo is restless as a willow in a windstorm. If he’s not breaking his legs in motorcycle accidents or harassing his band down highways to get to the show on time, he’s screwing his life up at home, leaving a trail of wreckage usually left to generals and junkyard foreman. While the music often has some pervasive themes, Apollo steeps it in his own voice.

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