Free Music Downloads: R’n’B Albums

For those of you who might not know, RnB stands for Rhythm and Blues. Here is a list of RnB Albums that came out this week as Free Music Downloads that are so finger-lickingly good you might never have even heard of them until now, that I am delivering them personally to your hungry earbuds.

Rachel WashingtonBest Ofdownload – Rachel Washington is a gifted and dynamic singer, song writer, producer, speaker, and drummer. God has used Rachel’s unique ministry in song to minister to thousands nationally and internationally. Rachel’s diverse sound reaches all ages, nationalities, and cultures. Rachel founded “S.4-R.G Productions” in 2000, which stands for Salvation for our Generation.

Odd SolRadio Battledownload – A lot of people like to hear mixtapes with familiar beats with a different flow. I’ve selected songs that I notice the radio played a lot and added different lyrics to them. I hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.No, literally its that good. The chemistry between the cast fits very well and the music used just gets the mood going.

GaelamourJe t’aimedownload – Gaelamour is one of the more elusive artists in the RnB scene today. He is rumored to have had his start in the French-speaking Alps, where he was discovered living with a herd of wild lambs. He was adopted by the mountain peasant folk and taught to sing the sweet rhythms of jazz and blues music. Today he is the heartthrob of whatever town he goes to.

DJ Mike RuskinInfectious Mixesdownload – DJ Mike Ruskin is a phenomenon on the DJ decks. His tracks are so infectious, he decided to title this album Infectious Mixes, and man was he right. He lays down a kind of beat that gets in your ear like a jackhammer, and then doesn’t ever change or build or do anything to your emotions. That’s why he’s on this list.

Thorn’s Musical JourneyNewtongrangedownload – Debut recording made in 2007 in Newtongrange, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Four tunes including the original piano version of Ghosts and an ode to chips n’ curry. This e.p. was the band’s entry into the Edinburgh folk scene. Two albums and many memorable gigs in Scotland followed.

Frank RillaLog Outdownload – Matthew 7:5 – “You hypocrite, first take the {log out} of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Frank Rilla (rhymes with gorilla) gave up his life to God and started rapping spiritually about it, and aren’t we lucky to have him? This guy is on a mission to spread God’s word and let you know how dope he is.

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