Free Music Downloads: For Fans of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd were an English rock band formed in London. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, extended compositions and elaborate live shows, they are one of the most commercially successful and musically influential groups in the history of popular music. Because we love you, here is a selection of Free Music Downloads that recall the all-powerful musical stylings of Pink Floyd.

Nordik FireVardownload – Nordik Fire, the latest project of acclaimed violinist and singer Bethany Borg, offers listeners an energetic electronic and rock fusion that uses violin to replace traditional duties of rhythm and lead guitars. Coupled with evocative vocals, the music carries us from a traditional electronic experience into soaring leads of a rock and jam based improvisational world. Bethany has teamed up with Atlanta-based hip-hop producer Billy Hume to bring this project to unconventional and ear-pleasing results.

Israel NashSee The Beauty That Surrounds Youdownload – The latest release from Israel Nash, Rain Plans, plies meticulously crafted songs with a golden 1970’s folk/psych rock palate of guitars, pedal steel, and reverb-soaked vocals that coalesce into a sound that Nash calls “Desert Folklore.” Hailed by NPR as “widespread Americana at its finest,” Rain Plans offers a sonically visual and introspective presentation of the life and nature that endures in his home situated in Texas Hill Country.

1965Easy Nights in New York Citydownload – Based on lyrics heard from a dream Easy Nights in New York City is based on tourists experiencing New Years in New York city, experiencing new lives, and new loves.. (perhaps?) or old ones fading away..” Easy Nights in New York City” has a jazz influenced style about since jazz being a big influence from the city, while 1965’s spin on psychedelic rock puts the song right in between the extremes of the two genres of music.

Satellite TheoryLadies & Gentlemendownload – October 4, 1957….. The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1 into low Earth orbit on a technology mission. Despite global reports at the time, it is recorded that the mission was planned and executed with the purest of scientific endeavors. However, given the timing, Sputnik 1’s launch unavoidably precipitated new subtexts of the Cold War, including the Sputnik crisis. More in line with the mission’s original objective, the enigmatic launch of Sputnik 1 also simultaneously triggered a substantial global urgency to accelerate scientific research.

From Here on BlueThrough the Wiresdownload – Through The Wires is From Here On Blue’s sophomore EP. The album was recorded on the border of Charlottesville City and Albemarle County where the band lived at the time on Angus Road. In the fall of 2013 Will Nealy produced and recorded the record in 2 months. The band would record at home when they had the time, or felt right about the moment. They preferred this form of recording to being crunched for time on the studio clock. The band is currently rehearsing for the future and will release the new record on vinyl once it is mastered.

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