Free Music Downloads: Pop Albums

Becky Kinder – Knockout download – Becky Kinder is a Songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Becky grew up loving sports and music, but when she was a sophomore, she realized that her true passion was songwriting. She then entered into a songwriting program at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She credits her talent to her ability to know people; her songs are very personal and she loves that she can connect with strangers through her music.

Veritie – Echo EP download – Verite made her debut in the pop world with her single “Strange Enough:” the track instantly became viral on twitter and made her the number one artist on Hype Machine. Echo Ep is her debut album and is only the beginning of what she has to offer for 2015.

Samia Samia EP download – From a very young age, Samia was encouraged to sing by her mother who has always dreamed to be a singer. Although she was encouraged and inspired to be singer, she has to face the challenges and constraints of her military community. She is best known for her anthem “We Have The Right,” which promotes marriage equality.

We Shot the Moon – The Finish Line download – We Shot the Moon are a band from San Diego, who were formerly known as The Honor Roll. Since 2007, the band recorded three full albums and toured the U.S. The only consistent member of the band since it’s formation has been Jonathan Jones.

Alexa – City Belle download – Alexa’s story is one of empowerment. When she came to New York from her home town in Florida, she didn’t know anybody, but she shortly made her T.V debut. Since then she has made appearances on Broadway and T.V, demonstrating her lovely musical talent.

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