Free Music Downloads: Reggae Albums

The PPcorn team has hand-selected the top 5 reggae albums of the week. Download links are courtesy of NoiseTrade, one of ten top sites for free music downloads.

Number One: Blue King Brown – Blue King BrowndownloadBlue King Brown is an Urban roots band comprised of more than six talented musicians. The reggae band is based in Melbourne, Australia. Members Natalie Pa’apa’a and Carlo Santone are the founders of Blue King Brown. The band has released a self-titled EP and three full-length recordings, Stand Up, Worldwize Part 1 North & South, and Born Free since their inception back in 2004. They have also released seven singles, “The March Feat Jah Manson,” being the latest (2012).

Number Two: Cali Conscious – High Times – downloadCali Conscious is a five-piece roots reggae band from Huntington Beach, California. The west coast band is comprised of Justin Ratowsky (guitar & vocals), Anthony Haas (bass), Dig Gybe (percussion & vocals), Chuy Vidales (drums), and John Schreier (trumpet & keys). Their music is California-inspired, with a laid back, barefoot beach rock style. High Times is their first full-length debut, and the second album is due out some time this year. Aside from music with chill vibes, Cali Conscious has organized a community to clean up the beach as well as donated funds to provide clean water in Ethiopia.

Number Three: Catch the Culprit – Catch the Culprit – downloadCatch the Culprit is a reggae/folk-rock duo from the Midwest. Members Spencer Pannell (lead vocals & acoustic guitar) and Ryan Pannell (acoustic/electric guitars & bass) were raised in the “Space Coast surf culture,” and draw influences form reggae, folk, and classic rock. Their self-titled album was released back in 2012. Their music provides fans with a taste of how and where they originate from.

Number Four: Joe Jang – I Feel Like Dancing – downloadJoe Jang is a reggae, solo artist from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The singer-songwriter spent ten years in Korea and New York City before moving to Hawaii. During his stay in three completely different places, Jang has embraced the culture and his origins, which plays a huge part in his music. His reggae music reflects the person he was and has become. Joe Jang hopes to reach a wider audience who appreciates the music he makes.

Number Five: Dillavou – Livications Unplugged – downloadFrom Seattle, Washington comes reggae/gospel singer-songwriter Dillavou. Justin Dillavou is a talented musician, singing and writing lyrics with an enormous amount of passion. His lyrics are honest and soulful. Dillavou started off his musical journey with The Skoidats, a ska band from the 90s. Dillavou has covered many legendary reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Toots and The Maytals and Buju Banton. His covers are just as soulful and groovy as the originals.

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