Free Music Downloads: R’n’B and Soul Albums

In honor of R&B/Soul legend Percy Sledge, PPcorn has hand-picked the top 5 R&B/Soul albums of the week. The links below are courtesy of Noise Trade, one of the top 10 sites for free music downloads.

Number One: Liz Vice – There’s a Lightdownload. Liz Vice would head to the basement of her childhood home and play the Lion King soundtrack on repeat. The R&B singer grew up with four other siblings in Portland, Oregon. She began teaching herself music, mimicking the notes from an instrumental CD. With a passion for storytelling, Vice’s music and lyrics are inspired by the Gospel and personal obstacles. After overcoming an illness at the age of 19, Vice is back on her feet, performing and sharing the stage with other artists such as Josh Garrels, Tunde Baiyewu, and Eric Early of Blitzen Trapper.

Number Two: Kiki Rowe – Kiki Rowedownload. Kiki Rowe’s birth name is Keandra Shan Lal, and she was born and raised in Mississauga, Canada. Her fans know her as Kiki Rowe, which is a nickname her parents and childhood friends gave her. The gifted singer-songwriter starting writing poetry at a very young age, which later transformed into songs after her weekly piano lessons paid off. She is an accomplished pianist, taking first place in Ontario’s Conservatory of Music for Best Piano Composition six years ago.

Number Three: James Fox Higgins – Introducing James Fox Higgins (Exclusive EP)download. James Fox Higgins is a man of many talents. He is a vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, percussionist, bassist, writer, producer and arranger. The Aussie’s music is equal parts soul and jazz, mixed with funk, disco and retro pop. The R&B crooner’s inspiration comes from the works of legends such as Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Bill Withers.

Number Four: Brian Lee and His Orchestra – Let Yourself Be Happydownload. Brian Lee and Hid Orchestra (Ryan Young and Jordan Wankel) are an indie, doo-wop and soul outfit from Hillsboro, Illinois. Drawing inspiration from the Fab four, the Zombies, and Tom Waits, Brian Lee, and His Orchestra create music that touches the hearts of people. They sing about failure, fear, hope, and love. They have released three (free) records, Let Yourself Be Happy, being one of them. You can find the other two on the band’s Bandcamp.

Number Five: Dave Espeut – Revelationdownload. Dave Espeut was just only six years old when he began singing at the top of his lungs, pouring his soul out for everyone to see. He locked eyes with the sexy brass instrument – the saxophone. The drums and guitar came in second and third, and from then on, Espeut has been making some soulful jazz music. Espeut took his skills to the University of Toronto, studying Jazz Performance, and being mentored by idols such as Paul Read, Alex Dean and Dave Young.

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