Free Music Downloads: Morning Music

What kind of music do you like to wake up to? What mood do you like to be in when you start your day? It has always been my personal opinion that Morning Music is the most important kind of music. So here is a lovely set of Free Music Downloads to help you start your weekdays on the right foot.

Terri WalkerThey Say So Muchdownload – Fresh from dropping a powerhouse EP with Joe Buddha, Terri Walker’s new music has picked up support from Mistajam, Twin B, Pete Tong, SBTV and RWD. Here the young artist returns with her fourth studio album They Say So Much, released on 9th March, and full of good morning music.

Timothy GiddensUp and Outdownload – Timothy Giddens is a computer geek by day and a music geek in all his free time. The music ont his album is truly delightful, and it has exactly the optimistic kind of energy that I always associate with morning time. It is a special energy that this artist has captured here.

Pixelated Night CruisePixelated Night Cruisedownload – Pixelated Night Cruise are an alternative hip-hop duo based in Springfield, MO. Consisting of rapper Addie McAdderson and Producer K.Brooks, this group will keep you on your toes. Their lyrics are fresh and their beats are unique. What a pleasure it is to listen to these guys.

Guantan – Blue Formdownload – Based out of London, Guantan is an anomaly on the contemporary pop music scene. The sheer cheerfulness of this music is enough to make you fall in love. With melodies so sweet, this music will cure any bad mood that you might be in. And that is the point of morning soundtracks: start the day with good vibrations.

The Logics ExperimentThe Logics Experimentdownload – From Plainview, Texas, this group is anything but plain. With musical stylings that will remind you of Postal Service, Imogen Heap, Keane, David Crowder Band, Sunshine, and Happiness, this little group will surely stay at the top of your playlist for months to come.

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