Kate Winslet Takes a Stand Against Bullies

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Many young girls and boys are bullied throughout their lives. It’s difficult to go through grade school and high school unscathed by the cruel wrath of a bully. Many people are teased for numerous reasons, but they all have a common theme: “You don’t fit in.” Whether you’re bullied for your physical appearance or for not conforming with the popular crowd, bullies tear you down for not fitting in. During this time, the person being bullied feels alone and misunderstood.

There are many celebrities that have been subject to bullying throughout their education. Renowned actress Kate Winslet was bullied as a young girl. Now, Winslet speaks out against bullying, helps young girls and boys with self-confidence, self-love, and assists them in embracing individuality. With Kate Winslet, victims of bullying only get stronger.

When Kate Winslet was younger, she was tormented by classmates. Other females teased Winslet because of her physical appearance, honing in on her weight. In interviews, Winslet typically describes her younger self as a “chubby” girl, and this gave her peers the ammunition they needed for their bullying behavior. These bullies observed and criticized Kate Winslet’s physical appearance and teased her for being bigger than majority of the girls in the class. The verbal teasing that Winslet was subjected to made her extremely body conscious, and her self-confidence, self-love, and individuality quickly vanished. Winslet began hating herself and her body as the bullying continued.

Winslet’s bullies did not only target her for her weight, but they also targeted her for her hair and clothes as well. Winslet was ashamed of her hair and described it as “bad,” and she didn’t have the proper, trendy clothes, because she did not belong to the upper class. Winslet’s physical appearance was, in her mind, anything but perfect. Ultimately, Winslet received the message, “you don’t fit in,” and was tormented because of that. Similar to many bullied teenagers today and in the past, Winslet felt alone and lost herself.

Since transforming into one of the greatest actresses of all time, Winslet has taken a stand against bullying and has been very vocal about her experiences. Winslet is able to raise awareness and show everyone that bullying is extremely harmful for young girls and boys. As Winslet continues to speak out, she helps all young girls and boys who are subject to bullying. Winslet allowed her story to be featured in a video created by Megan Kelley Hall, creator and author of anti-bullying programs and books. The video is titled, “You Are Not Alone” and is shown at school assemblies. Seeing Kate Winslet and her story in this video shows young victims of bullying that they are not alone, and this message helps them through this difficult time. They look up to Kate Winslet and are inspired by her story.

Winslet didn’t allow her bullies to break her. Instead, her bullies made her stronger. They made her who she is today. During interviews, Winslet speaks with confidence, grace, and intelligence. Winslet’s performances as an award-winning actress also prove that she has confidence. Winslet encourages young girls (including her daughter) to love the body that they have. She does not diet, nor does she attempt to change her body in any way. Winslet loves her figure, curves and all, and she allows herself to be quirky and fun, instead of conforming to the behavior of others.

Winslet sends the message that those who are bullied need to embrace self-confidence, self-love, and individuality. Who knows? One of those strong victims of bullying might be the next Kate Winslet.