31 of the Funniest Named Cities in America

Number One: Left Hand, West Virginia. Believe it or not, this is the name of a real city in the United States.

jimmywayne / flickr.com

Number Two: Salmon, Idaho. Yep, this one too.

visitidaho / travelblogs.mapquest.com

Number Three: Big Trees, California. Hmmm…I wonder what’s in this city.

Neale Clark/Corbis / mashable.com

Number Four: Beaver, Utah. After coming across the third city named Beaver, I had to put one of them on the list.

Ryan Houston / flickr.com

Number Five: Odd, West Virginia. Well, this one is just plain…odd.

Gunnar and Sherry / eccentricroadside.blogspot.com

Number Six: Ninety Six, South Carolina. I didn’t know cities could be named after numbers.


Number Seven: D’Lo, Mississippi. While there are simply not enough vowel sounds in the name of this city, D’Lo does have some of the most beautiful lakes and forests in America.


Number Eight: Waterproof, Louisiana. The reason Waterproof lands on this list is because it is actually located on the Mississippi River.


Number Nine: Friday, Texas. Despite this city’s awesome name, it only has a population of approximately 100 people.

Rob Sims / wheretherobertmeetstheroad.com

Number Ten: Lost Cabin, Wyoming. This one is simply so eerie that it freaks me out. It reminds me of a city you would see in a horror movie.

Wyoming State Archives / wondersofwyoming.com

Number Eleven: Tipton, Michigan. As soon as I saw the name of this city, I was instantly taken back to my childhood days of watching the Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Dwight Burdette / wikimedia.org

Number Twelve: Oswegatchie, New York. I’m not afraid to say that I copy-and-pasted the name of this city because I knew I would spell it wrong if I didn’t.


Number Thirteen: Brothers, Oregon. I’m not quite sure why anyone would name a city Brothers, but I have to wonder… Is there a city named Sisters too?


Number Fourteen: Sisters, Oregon. Sure enough, Brothers’ companion city, Sisters, is located just down the road.


Number Fifteen: The Forks, Maine. I didn’t know cities could be named after utensils either.


Number Sixteen: Ideal, Illinois. Since this city has only one intersection, it’s not exactly ideal like its name would suggest.

Ebyabe / wikipedia.org

Number Seventeen: Guys Store, Texas. This should be the name of a store, not a city!

Darren and Joyce Romero / america-by-rv.blogspot.com

Number Eighteen: Two Egg, Florida. This town’s name is quite ridiculous, but shouldn’t it be “Two Eggs” anyway?

Rachel / keeneon.blogspot.com

Number Nineteen: Alfalfa, Oregon. Alfalfa is a funny word to begin with, and the fact that it is also the name of a city just makes it even funnier.


Number Twenty: Halfway House, California. This is another city on the list that is simply creepy, rather than amusing or funny whatsoever.


Number Twenty-One: Maybee, Michigan. Sounds like this city is unsure of its own name.


Number Twenty-Two: Lovelady, Texas. Ooh, how romantic.

jmcgeough / flickr.com

Number Twenty-Three: Michigan City, Indiana. This city’s name makes no sense whatsoever since it is not located in Michigan. However, it does offer an incredible view of the beautiful Lake Michigan.


Number Twenty-Four: Moose, Wyoming. I’m guessing they have a lot of moose here.

Dornan / pixbam.com

Number Twenty-Five: Avocado, California. A city named after a food is certainly out of the ordinary.

Nicholas McVicker / kpbs.org

Number Twenty-Six: China, Maine. A city named after a country is even weirder.


Number Twenty-Seven: Grabtown, North Carolina. Ladies and gentlemen, keep an eye on your personal belongings.

Watson Brown / flickr.com

Number Twenty-Eight: Rib Lake, Wisconsin. This city’s name does not make sense whatsoever because, let’s face it, ribs of any kind do not come from lakes.

nlongfx / panoramio.com

Number Twenty-Nine: Zzyzx, California. Surely there are not enough vowels in this city’s name for it to be an actual word.

Sonya and Travis / sonyaandtravis.com

Number Thirty: Roach, Nevada. I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to live here.

Randy / mobilecodgers.blogspot.com

Number Thirty-One: Friendship, Wisconsin. Last but not least, Friendship, Wisconsin, which sounds like a city you would find in a utopian society.

Royalbroil / wikipedia.org