Free Music Downloads – Lo-Fi Electronic Albums

Lo-Fi Electronic (from the term “low fidelity”) is lower quality of sound recordings than the usual standard for modern music. The qualities of lo-fi are usually achieved by either degrading the quality of the recorded audio or using certain equipment. Through the use of these electronic techniques, artifacts are created as a byproduct of the recording process itself that may be used in conjunction with the musical aspects of the recording in a similar way that musique concrète may juxtapose traditional musical sound and “concrete” sound. Check out these recent releases in the genre:

Salt of the SoundFor a Summer’s Eveningdownload. Salt of the Sound is the musical collaboration of husband and wife duo, Anita and Ben Tatlow. Their aim is to create songs that encourage spiritual reflection both in church environments and in times of personal quiet while also exploring musical styles and expressions that bring a freshness to the Christian music scene.

White MorningSnow Owldownload. White Morning is Scott Miller; expressing the depths of his heart through different styles and ideas of music, from his home in Denver, Colorado. Snow Owl is the final EP in his “trilogy of trilogies”, a series of songs written while experimenting with using audio samples from songs or movies. It is definitely worth a listen.

PilgrimPilgrimdownload. Pilgrim is singer-songwriter Josh White’s newest incarnation, envisioned and recorded over the past year and a half, with production and mixing help from Josiah Sherman (who has worked previously with Frank Ocean, Motopony, and The Dandy Warhols). Inspired by the soundtrack of his youth, the record draws deeply from White’s love of glam, new wave, and trip-hop.

Young IslandsFundownload. Nashville-based synthpop band Young Islands was the creation of Josh Kaltenbach, Stephen Earnest, and David O. Ramirez. It began in early 2012 when the trio found themselves playing music together and wanted to take it further. They discovered they had a similar vision, and that was to make crowds move and dance. Recording began soon after and playing live shows then followed. Their concerts are intense, energetic, entertaining, and downright fun! Musical influences include Passion Pit, Stange Talk, M83, Miike Snow, and lots of 1980’s synthpop.

TrinfiniteElectronic Praise Transmissionsdownload. Trinfinite is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He’s an Electronic Dance Music Artist. He’s into several styles of EDM. This musician proclaims to love God and his lord and savior Jesus Christ. Trinfinite also has an electronica group in the works called The Avail Concept. The Avail Concept has one release Electronic Praise Transmissions that released October 2012.

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