The Truth About Noah Cyrus

Many celebrities have siblings. Some act together, some sing together, and some come in pairs. However, there is one celebrity in particular whose sibling does not act with her, sing with her, and they don’t come in a pair. Regardless of this dynamic, this sibling is put on display, judged, and criticized. Many people watch Noah Cyrus every move. Yes, Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister. Many people believe that Noah is “the next Miley.” They wait for Noah to display outrageous behavior, to wear scant clothing, and to stick her tongue out while twerking. However, these people will not see “the next Miley.” Here is the truth about Noah Cyrus.

In the past, people have commented on Noah Cyrus’ appearance at award shows. They’ve criticized her for her clothes being too short or her makeup being too dark. They’ve commented on her hair extensions – that she’s too young for those. These people wait for Noah to make a mistake, to engage in inappropriate behavior, to party, and to become an “at-risk” girl.

At the end of the day, Noah Cyrus is a typical teenage girl. When you peruse her social media accounts, you will see this. Noah spends her free time with family and friends (not doing anything considered “bad”). She shows that family and friends are the most important components in her life. Through the way she spends her free time, Noah proves that the love and support she receives are enough.

Noah is also the ultimate teenage fangirl. She fangirls over American Horror Story and its actor, Evan Peters. Noah’s Instagram is a shrine to Evan when AHS seasons begin. She also has an immense love for music. She obsesses over Lana Del Rey and bands similar to Lana’s style of music. Like many teenage girls, Noah expresses herself through her unique style. Noah even has the occasional boy problem and is a pretty typical teenage girl. She is not going through a partying phase, she is not engaging in inappropriate behavior that will cause her to be on the front of every tabloid magazine, she is not making bad choices, and she is not “the next Miley.” Noah is going through a stage, however. That stage is girlhood.

Noah Cyrus may be a typical teenage girl, but she also does some not-so-typical teenage girl things. Noah is a member of PETA Kids, and she advocates for the safety of all animals. Noah is also a model for MUDD Jeans, and she promotes body positivity for young girls. Overall, Noah is an icon for young girls in the process of growing up. Young girls Noah’s age now have someone to look up to, someone like them, and someone that desires to make a change in the world. Noah is her own person, and that person is truly great, inside and out.