Top 12 Dogs with the Funniest Selfie Faces

Number One. While the dog on the right is trying to smile for the camera, the dog on the left is scared out of his mind.

Number Two. This pup was caught off guard by the wind while he was trying to take a selfie.

Number Three. It seems like this dog is trying to be really cool and impress his friends with his blue sunglasses.

Number Four. This dog has mastered the look of surprise.

Number Five. This happy dog looks like he’s having a great time with his friends.

Number Six. Here we have man’s best friend showing off his pearly whites.

Number Seven. Awww… This pug is making a sad face while taking a selfie.

Number Eight. These puppy best friends love taking selfies together.

Number Nine. It seems like this dog smelled something awful just before he took this selfie.

Number Ten. I have no idea what to say about this dog’s selfie face.

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Number Eleven. These dogs look like the happiest pups in the entire world.

Number Twelve. This husky looks pretty excited about taking selfies in bed.

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