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Over the past two years, pop princess Ariana Grande has simply taken over the music industry. The 22-year-old Boca Raton native first got her start as an actress on the hit Nickelodeon TV show Victorious playing Cat Valentine and soon received her own spin-off show titled Sam & Cat. As the end of Sam & Cat drew near, Ariana released her first single “The Way” (featuring Mac Miller), and everyone instantly fell in love with her outstanding voice. Since then, she has released two full-length albums titled Yours Truly and My Everything, won an American Music Award, and received two Grammy nominations. If you love Ariana Grande, here is a selection of Free Music Downloads that you will surely enjoy as well.

ALEXA – ALEXAdownload – Simply known as ALEXA, Coral Springs, Florida, native Alexa Heller is a girl with a very big dream. After graduating high school, Alexa moved to the city of her dreams, Manhattan, and began to pursue her career as a musician. Alexa’s first single “Never Say” is a super fun and upbeat tune that truly captures the essence of modern pop. Furthermore, Alexa says that she would love to work with producers such as Dr. Luke, Jay-Z, and Max Martin.

Lucien Dante – Lightsdownload – 20-year-old Lucien Dante’s first EP Lights is an awesome electronic record. Although the instrumental music on Dante’s EP is upbeat and typical of party music, his lyrics go much deeper and explore feelings of rejection and loneliness. Dante’s EP is dedicated to his fanbase (whom he calls Lights), and he hopes that it will have a positive impact on others’ lives.

Bobby Earth – The Book of Genesynthdownload – Bobby Earth’s music is far different from the two artists above. Instead of traditional pop, Earth has much more of an R&B influence in his music. Bobby Earth is a multi-talented individual who raps and sings on most of his tracks. His stage name “Bobby Earth” comes from his first name (Robert) and his belief that music is an extension of life and all living things on Earth.

McBeth – Girl Gangdownload – McBeth is a female duo comprised of McAyla Beatley and Beth Martin. The duo met in fourth grade, have been best friends ever since, and started composing music together in middle school. Their music consists of a mixture of pop and hip-hop influences that come together in an awesome and unique blend. Both girls draw inspiration from R&B artists as well, such as Beyoncé, and hope to rise to international fame.

XXY – Abandondownload – “Abandon” is the first single from Nashville duo XXY. Comprised of Dani Brillhart and Justin Duckworth, XXY classify themselves as an R&B/pop duo who have an extreme passion for music. They met through a mutual friend and began doing a few collaborations with each other until they both realized that they should become musical partners. XXY claim that their name represents human equality in all senses.

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