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Top Ten Richest RnB Singers in the World

Most people know Beyonce Knowles simply by the name Beyonce, a stand-alone name which proves she has truly made a considerable impact on the music industry. There is no doubt that Beyonce’s powerful and soulful voice is outstanding, and her albums are consistently at the top of the charts. Even more, many people claim that Beyonce is one of the best vocalists of the 21st century and compare her to icons such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. For all of you, Beyonce fans out there here is a list of free music downloads that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Nikki Joy – The Voyagedownload – 21-year-old, Florida native Nikki Joy has a rich voice that is truly unique and all her own. Her first EP The Voyage is a beautiful piece of work that mainly draws from pop and gospel influences. Nikki has incredible control over the different parts of her voice and knows how to use each and every one of them in an expert fashion. She also knows how to use the breaks in her voice to her advantage rather than make them an obstacle. Overall, Nikki Joy is an undiscovered gem whose excellent voice leads me to believe that she has a bright future in the world of pop music.

Zephaniah – Say You Won’t Godownload – “Say You Won’t Go” is R&B singer Zephaniah’s first single. Zephaniah has an incredibly smooth and soulful voice, perfect for R&B music. This track, in particular, has an incredibly catchy chorus and showcases Zephaniah’s vocal ability extremely well. Zephaniah states that his main goal when making music is to empower his generation and make a difference in the world.

Kirsten Collins – Kirsten Collins Musicdownload – “Kirsten Collins Music” is a collection of songs by Canadian artist Kirsten Collins. The tracks in this collection feature sassy lyrics set to infectiously catchy dance-pop beats. While Kirsten’s songs mainly seek inspiration from pop and EDM, she is also influenced by R&B music and even raps on a few of the songs in this collection. Kirsten is currently in the studio working with several producers to help her create her first full-length album.

Samantha Howard – Microscopicdownload – Samantha Howard’s first single is an electric track titled “Microscopic.” Howard draws influence from both contemporary R&B and traditional pop music, which clearly shows in this record. This track has an infectiously catchy hook and an excellent synthesized beat to constantly propel the song forward. Samantha is currently in the studio recording more songs before she creates her first EP.

Amani Starnes – Match Play EPdownload – Los Angeles native Amani Starnes just released her first EP titled Match Play. The tracks on Starnes’ first release have beautiful melodies and each song has its defining factor, whether it be a soulful piano or an uptempo saxophone. In addition, Starnes’ alto voice is rich and full of depth, separating her from many other artists in the music industry. She draws great inspiration from R&B, soul, and pop music.

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