Free Music Downloads: Hip-Hop Albums

The PPcorn team has hand-selected the top 5 hip-hop albums of the week. Download links are courtesy of NoiseTrade, one of ten top sites for free music downloads.

Dream Junkies – NREM Editiondownload. Dream Junkies is comprised of three hip-hop and spoken word artists. Affiliated with the lifestyle brand, Kings Dream, the Dream Junkies are Ruslan (founder of the music label), John Givez, and Beleaf. The group was founded recently (January 1, 2014) and have been focusing on inspiring many with a positive outlook on life ever since. Their hip-hop music remains positive, avoiding any negativity and profanity. Dream Junkies take pride in family, community, and God. Their influences are, but not limited to U2, The Roots, Mos Def, and Tribe Called Quest.

Bizzle – Selah the Corner – Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawndownload. Los Angeles-born rapper Bizzle wrote his first rap verse before he turned eight. Born Mark J. Felder, the MC has released many mixtapes and was also offered a record deal twice, but politely declined. Bizzle has opened up for other rappers such as Juelz Santana, Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne. The artist has also worked with many artists like Ne-Yo, The Game, Akon and Nelly among others. Like Dream Junkies, Felder believes that God and family are the keys to a happy and successful life.

Propaganda – Excellentdownload. Hip-hop artist Propaganda grew up in Los Angeles, California. The soulful and experimental musician has performed with notable music acts such as De La Soul, The Visionaries and Krs One. Fans claim that “he sounds like no one else out there” when performing live shows. His faith is very important to him as well as political awareness. His rap battles are aggressive and introspective. He was also the youngest member of The Tunnel Rats.

Swoope – Because You Askeddownload. From Akron, Ohio comes hip-hop artist Swoope. Like the previously mentioned artists, Swoope is a positive rapper who has a strong faith in God. Aside from being a rapper, he is also a family man and producer. He is signed to Collision Records, and has released an independent solo album entitled The Zoo. His influences are Kanye, Da Truth, Lupe Fiasco and Donny Hathaway.

Beleaf – Red Pills + Black Sugardownload. Beleaf Melanin is one-third of Dream Junkies. The inspirational hip-hop artist is a Baltimore, Maryland native who has moved to San Diego. He is known for his sharp lyrics, spoken word poetry and dance moves. He has traveled across the nation, performing at many colleges and music festivals. Beleaf alongside his group, theBREAX, has opened up for other hip-hop talents such as Lecrae, Wu Tang and Andy Mineo. Beleaf grew up a victim of abuse and struggled with depression for most of his life. His ultimate goals are to spend happy times with his family and change the world with his musical talent.

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