Free Music Downloads – For Fans of Tori Kelly

Ever since getting signed to Scooter Braun’s management company, Tori Kelly has begun to take the world by storm. In 2008, the southern California native auditioned for American Idol but did not make it past the first round after Simon Cowell declared that he found her “annoying.” However, that didn’t stop Tori from pursuing her dreams, and now she is touring all over the world and performing at various award shows, such as the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. If you’re a fan of Tori Kelly, here is a selection of Free Music Downloads that you are bound to enjoy.

Sincerely, Soul – Magicdownload – “Magic” is girl group Sincerely, Soul’s first single. The three members of Sincerely, Soul (Lauren Haas, Sydney Bell, and Olivia Hall) are all 19 years old and met each other during their freshman year at Northwest University in Washington. Their first single is very reminiscent of early Taylor Swift and mainly discusses love and relationships. The girls cite Tori Kelly, John Mayer, and Sara Bareilles as some of their musical influences.

Becky Kinder – Knockoutdownload – Knockout is Belmont University student Becky Kinder’s first EP. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Kinder now resides in Nashville, where she attends college and balances her music career at the same time. She loves performing live and plays gigs at bars and restaurants whenever she can. Kinder is currently working on recording and producing her second EP.

CJ Pitts – Switch It Offdownload – Released on December 19, 2014, “Switch It Off” is R&B singer and rapper CJ Pitts’ second single. This track has an extremely catchy and memorable chorus that the listener is bound to love. Originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota, CJ is inspired by many different types of music including soul and gospel, in addition to R&B and even EDM at times. CJ is currently in the studio working on his first EP.

Pontea – Come Overdownload – “Come Over” is the first single from Pontea’s first EP, An Introduction, which is set to release at the end of 2015. A singer-songwriter from LA, Pontea has a voice full of soul, passion, and raw emotion. Her first single is a sultry track led by power chords on the piano and aided by several layers of harmonies. Pontea writes all of her own music and cites some of her inspirations as kindness, work ethic, and human interaction.

Alex Cambridge – Februarydownload – London native Alex Cambridge released her first single “February” earlier this year, and this track is simply beautiful. Through its ambient structure and calm, soothing tone, “February” resurrects feelings of nostalgia and comfort in the listener. 20-year-old Cambridge is current working on her first EP and performs at various venues in London whenever she can. Her major musical influences include acoustic, folk, and pop artists.

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