Top 10 Vintage Photos of Nearly Naked Hollywood Stars

Chances are, you’ve probably taken a naked selfie at least once in your life. Chances are also that you’ve probably received one. These nearly naked Hollywood stars would probably be doing the same thing if they were in their prime today – and hey! We can’t possibly blame them for wanting to show off their sexy selves. Here are 10 scandalous photos of nearly naked Hollywood stars you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Number Ten: Elizabeth Taylor. We’ll start on the tamer side. Here, our lovely Dame Elizabeth poses coyly on a beach. We’ll just let you look at that for awhile.

Number Nine: Elvis Presley. Oh, Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll appears to also be the king of surf city in this photo of him in tight, white swim trunks.

Number Eight: Brigitte Bardot. Iconically sexy Brigitte Bardot poses on the beach in a floral bikini. Even in minimal makeup, she shines.

Number Seven: Esther Williams. Actress and competitive swimmer Esther Williams shines in this sparkly suit. Who knew it was possible to look so glamorous in the pool?

Number Six: Edie Sedgwick. Model and socialite Edie Sedgwick is outstandingly sexy in this photo shot by Gianni Penati for Vogue. Unfortunately, this starlet died before her 30th birthday.

Number Five: Warren Beatty. Can you believe Warren Beatty once looked like this? Those guns! That chiseled jawline! Not only is the actor incredibly sexy, but he’s also insanely talented – he’s been nominated for 14 Academy Awards.

Number Four: Raquel Welch. The iconic Raquel Welch truly pops in a blue nighty here. She’s now 75, but we’ll never forget her the way she was here.

Number Three: Ginger Rogers. Oh la la! Ginger Rogers, actress and sex siren, gets scandalous in this cutout lingerie. And check out that expression! She knows what she’s doing.

Number Two: Marilyn Monroe. This list wouldn’t be complete without a photo of eternal sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Though parts of her are nearly popping out, your eye is immediately drawn to her face, which outshines every other part of the photo.

Number One: Paul Newman. Finally, at number one we have the handsome Paul Newman. Though he technically doesn’t appear half naked, he is scantily clad in that white tank top and matching boxers. The only thing we’re left wondering is what he looks like underneath.