Usher: ‘Necessity’ Single Review

Usher is kicking off 2016 in a major way with a new single titled “Necessity” which I really hope is off his delayed next album. His indefinitely delayed next album is rumored to be titled “UR” and it was expected last year but it did not come. Well, it’s been a while and when Usher makes a return he knows we are always waiting with eagerness. Hopefully, he will deliver that album this year and that eagerness can be quenched once and for all.

“Necessity” has Usher asking her for what she wants, what she needs because he wants to give her all he got and he means everything. The song flows calmly with Usher leading with his captivating falsetto on the verses which faces an intermission as the voice becomes the usual nice Usher voice on the Chorus. The verses are delivered with a hint of trumpets as they tease an appearance in between them. The vocals on “Necessity” are exactly what you’d expect from the legend. They remain as impressive and as well complimented as ever.

On the chorus Usher sings “Baby tell me what you want / tell me baby, tell me baby / what you need / girls like you don’t grow on trees / I wanna give you all I got / everything, everything / Necessity, Necessity, my Necessity Necessity.” The Chorus is backed by the now full-blown trumpets in the background and this upgrades the sound of the song to make it groovier. The feel on the chorus makes you want to get up and dance. It does not compel a routine dance, it compels “a have fun and just groove” kind of dancing.

Usher overtime has become a maestro of the vocals. As the song goes on and the chorus comes back, you start to notice the adlib vocals he employs to support the elevation in the song. How timely he places them in the chorus is an exciting ingredient that never gets old. It’s supposed to sound the same coming from the same artist but the skill to make it remarkably different is an unavowed skill that will always make Usher rule.

Usher on “Necessity” brings back the excitement in providing for your lady. The whole feel of the song is a satisfying feel and it’s not what you want to hear on a shopping spree with your lady. It will have you telling her to pick whatever she wants and that credit card will pay the price.