Kelly Clarkson: ‘Heartbeat Song’ Single Review

Last year Kelly Clarkson returned with a brand new song called “Heartbeat Song.” The mother of River Rose Blackstock did not really leave the spotlight, but over a year without new materials from her is just dull. For this song, the “Breakaway” singer worked with former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, and “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” producer, Greg Kurstin. It is a welcome change for Kelly, as this is not the usual in your face, angry ex-girlfriend, and lady-scorned type of song people usually hear from her. The title could appear to sing the same theme, but the actual song shows otherwise.

In connection to the title, the song exudes a very positive vibe where Kelly “can feel it rising / Haven’t felt for a long time.” It’s a feel good song about being happy and excited at the same time. After all the heartbreak songs Kelly Clarkson has done in the past, “Heartbeat Song” proves that Kelly can really turn tables and show people that after series of heartbreaks come happiness.

In terms of lyrical strength, Kelly managed to create strong lines that stay. If heartaches work for her, then this song about positive reinforcement does, too. It’s great to hear this song and possibly think of the singer’s happiness with the arrival of her forever love, River Rose Blackstock. On the other hand, it’s really difficult to be critical about Kelly Clarkson in this song, because being too technical about it is like being overly technical about happiness. The song is purely a celebration of bliss, which we should play “up up up up all night long.”

However, the sound of the song is painfully too similar to any other generic pop song that other artists could sing. Kelly has a long tradition of innovation in her songs, and “Heartbeat Song” can be a letdown. Although this changes when Kelly starts to tackle the lines, “Until tonight I only dreamed about you / I can’t believe I ever lived without you / Baby you make me feel alive and brand new / Bring it one more time, one more time.” The bridge shows that Kelly is incomparable to any other pop artists around. Her undeniable vocal prowess that has withstood the test of time clearly separates the generic sound of the song to any other pop stars out there.

With “Heartbeat Song,” Kelly Clarkson only made the release of her Piece by Piece album in even more exciting. Definitely, “Heartbeat Song” is not the best Kelly Clarkson song out there. But it is very catchy, one cannot help but to sing and be happy about it.