Draper James: The Cutest Clothes by Reese Witherspoon


Everyone loves actress, producer, and adorable southern, Reese Witherspoon. From young Witherspoon in The Man in the Moon to sorority girl turned law student in Legally Blonde, the world quickly became obsessed with this extremely talented actress (she’s also a ball of sunshine and happiness). Now, Witherspoon has her own clothing line, Draper James. It’s only been out for a few months, but we’re already obsessed. Witherspoon’s clothing line has the cutest clothes for all women (and this line also supports GirlsInc).

Ladies, if you’re looking for cute clothes for all shapes and sizes this winter, Witherspoon is your girl. Her first winter collection is out now! Draper James includes clothing of all different sizes, styles, and fits. In an interview with The Today Show, Witherspoon shared her inspiration and desire to create her very own line. She admits that fashion scares her, especially because she travels between two very fashion inspired cities: New York and Los Angeles. Witherspoon also addresses how fashion isn’t particularly friendly to certain women’s bodies, and she wanted to fix this. Witherspoon wanted to make fashion fun and accepting for all body shapes and sizes. She turned to her southern roots and Draper James was born. According to Witherspoon, with her clothing line, women will find that they “belong.” Witherspoon wants women to feel good and look good, and that’s super important.

Witherspoon’s clothing line is also for women of all ages, in all different situations. She has apparel for the working woman, which includes many chic dresses, and fluted skirts. And she also has apparel for the mommy on the go, which includes comfortable sweaters. It is evident that Witherspoon makes dressing up fun, and dressing down fun. She shows that fashion is relevant to women everywhere, and we haven’t really seen this anywhere else.

As mentioned previously, Witherspoon’s collection is out now. Ladies, we have to get excited about this! Winter just began, and winter weather is approaching quickly. This means that it’s time to update our wardrobe! Witherspoon’s winter collection includes pretty spectacular coats (red is a popular color), gorgeous dresses (with a lot of different, fun prints), comfy lounge-around sweaters (with adorable graphics), cardigans, skinny jeans, skirts, and accessories. Let’s not forget EVERYTHING is for women of all shapes and sizes! Thank you, Reese Witherspoon for having the cutest clothes! We’re obsessed with Draper James.