Top 5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Life

Life gets messy sometimes, and often you should take some time to declutter your life. It can be overwhelming, and the hardest part is finding a place to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you clean it all up. With just a little time and a few tips, you’ll be able to relax knowing everything is in order. With these five easy steps to declutter your life, stressful disorganization will be an issue of the past!

Number Five: Use to Clear up Your Electronic Burdens. Our electronic lives can become just as cluttered as our physical lives. When your inbox is overflowing with spam and promotions, it can be difficult and frustrating to access important emails and correspondence. Save your future time and inbox space with this nifty little app called It gives you the ability to view all of your email subscriptions in a condensed and convenient single page, and you can unsubscribe from as many as you’d like with just the swipe of your thumb.

Number Four: Bin Your Fridge. Refrigerators can become a main source of household messes. A disorganized refrigerator is a daily hassle, and it can make meals difficult. Not to mention, they can cost you money when stowed away food is out of sight and goes bad before it is used. Take some time to categorize the items in your fridge into bins, and a messy fridge is an issue you’ll never have to face again. It will also save you time when reorganizing in the future.

Number Three: Lay Out Your Clothes for the Week. Everyone, especially my fellow ladies out there, is familiar with the time-consuming morning hassle of choosing your wardrobe for the day. To streamline this process and allow for a little relaxation in your morning routine, try putting aside time on a more laid-back day to choose your outfits for the week. This practice is perfect for Sunday afternoon boredom, when you’re just begging for something to occupy the time. To save even more time in the long run, try organizing your folded clothes by storing them in your dresser vertically, rather than horizontally. This will make it easier to see all possible options and combinations, instead of just what’s on top.

Number Two: Streamline Your Linens. The linen closet is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Uneven piles of folded linens often fall all over themselves due to various sizes of sheets and pillowcases. To fix this issue, try storing folded sheets and bedspreads inside their corresponding pillow cases. This will hold all pieces of the set in a tight bundle that will balance evenly with the rest. Your closet will thank you.

Number One: Label Your Tangled Wires. Wires always become tangled and frustrating, especially in your home’s most popular socket. It’s in their nature, and we just accept it. There’s got to be some sort of solution to deal with this problem, right? You’d better believe it. By labeling your overwhelming maze of wires, you can always find the one you need with ease. It can be as simple as using electrical tape and a marker, or you can go out and find some cute little hangers designed to differentiate wires.