FKA Twigs: ‘Glass & Patron’ Music Video Review

YouTube hosted their second annual YouTube Music Awards last March, highlighting some of last year’s most exciting artists. Out of the list, FKA Twigs may be at the top with a critically acclaimed debut album simply titled LP1 under her belt and some of the most creative yet extremely bizarre music videos out right now. FKA Twigs premiered a music video for her track, “Glass & Patron,” and honestly, I’m not completely sure how to handle what I just saw.

Self-directed by the vogue master herself (sorry, Madonna), the visual starts with a warning stating the video contains mature language (I’m pretty sure the language was the most tame part of the video). As FKA Twigs’ impressive high notes fill the silence in the background, the scene focuses on a very pregnant Twigs draped in clean white sheets near a deserted van. I’m lost in FKA Twigs’ mesmerizing voice as I try to find meaning in her words, hoping they can give me a clue on what I’m seeing take place.

The camera follows FKA Twigs’ fingernails disguised as sliver metallic claws trailing down her protruding baby bump. I think we all know what happens next. FKA Twigs begins to roughly pull colorful scarves out of her…birth canal like she’s a clown who was mistakenly hired for a kid’s birthday party (seriously, I don’t think the parents would give her a tip after this performance). Where can she go next with this video? Were her lyrics preparing me for this moment? This world isn’t making much sense, so I guess the best thing to do after birthing scarves that now freely flow around a few dancers is have a “Vogue-off” on a random runway in the middle of the forest.

All jokes aside, I’ve been dying to hear more music from FKA since hearing her debut record full of twisted R&B that was easily one of the most ambitious albums released in 2014 (Check out “2 Weeks,” “Video Girl,” and “Lights On” if you aren’t already a fan). As “Glass & Patron” turns into a full out dark yet dance-ready warrior banger, FKA Twigs commands on the hook, “1, 2, 3… Now hold that pose for me.” I’m absorbed in the battle as FKA sensually shows off her best moves with her dancers holding their own as stiff competition (or limber – it’s amazing to see what their bodies can do).

This isn’t my first time seeing a FKA Twigs visual so I know how interesting they can get, but I’m still certain that this artist is in complete control of her art, and she’s not filtering herself for anyone. So find your nearest laptop or smartphone, sit back, relax and immerse yourself in FKA Twigs’ wild world – I promise you’re in for an exciting ride.