Jason Derulo: ‘Want To Want Me’ Single Review


Jason Derulo is never one to waste time. The R&B crooner has released a sizzling single entitled “Want To Want Me,” which comes from the fourth studio album that came out last summer. This song commands another smash record for the consistent singer. Derulo sounds invigorating, as there are no rappers in sight this time. It could be seen as a healthy competition alongside Nick Jonas’ smash hit, “Jealous.”

Waking from a wet dream, the singer expresses, “I got the sheets on the floor / Nothing on me / And / I can’t take / It no more.” Fed up, he swarms off in a cab, singing “tipped the driver ahead of time,” because “Just the thought,” of this lady gets him “so high.” The verses support the evolving narrative providing imaginative entertainment. Even further, this is a desirable transition for the singer/dancer. In some aspects, the vocals sound like a shout out to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in the record “Billie Jean.”

In the second verse, the momentum builds as the dream becomes a reality: “You open the door / wearing nothing but a smile / Fell to the floor.” A stunning vocal from Derulo gives the song a dazzling attractiveness. Most of all, with an impulsive hook, he sings: “Girl, you don’t want / I want you to want me / And if you want, hey girl, you got me / There’s nothing I know I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t do / Just to get up next you.” The brilliance flows through the song with a prompt skill, especially in the chorus.

The contemporary composition gives off an 80s funk spirit due to the precise rock bass notes. Production here sounds like it is musically inspired by the album 1989 from pop singer Taylor Swift. The main enchantment of this song is the pulsating instrumental. It’s amusing to see Derulo apart from the computerized dance-pop territory – diversity forever triumphs.As a single, it’s musically much-improved because he is not talking about asses, breasts, or sex in this song; the brother cannot “Talk Dirty,” all the time.The lyrics bring the listeners into a wildly engaging story. It is never dull or tiresome, as it immediately grabs the attention. If Jason Derulo continues making songs like this, the sky is the limit.