Madonna’s 1979 Nude Pictures

Playboy featured unreleased nude photos of Madonna from 1979 in May 2015. The photos were taken by photographer Martin H.M. Schreiber when the pop goddess was 20 years old, and four of those images were featured in Playboy in 1985. 

Madonna has never shied away from expressing her sexuality, and she’s no stranger to pushing sexual boundaries. In 1992, Madonna released a book entitled Sex. The book featured erotic images, stories, poems, and essays. Some described it as a “pornographic magazine” because of it sexual content and racy photos. Naomi Campbell, Vanilla Ice, rapper Big Daddy Kane, and actress Isabella Rossellini, were some of the celebrities featured in Sex. The book sold over 150,000 copies on the first day it was released, and it topped the New York Times Best Seller list.

In April 2015, the pop superstar posted a nude photo on Instagram, in an effort to address the company’s “hypocritical” policy on nudity. One of Madonna’s photos was removed by Instagram because the singer was topless. The removal of the photo angered the singer, and so she addressed Instagram’s sexual policy with a caption that read, “Why is it ok to show ass but not breasts? Drowning in the hypocrisy of social media.” Instagram’s policy does not allow violent, nude, partially nude, pornographic, or sexually suggestive pictures.

Along with her Playboy feature, Madonna was featured on four special edition covers of Cosmopolitan in May 2015. The May issue celebrated the 50th anniversary of Cosmopolitan magazine. Madonna appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in May 1990 for the magazine’s 25th anniversary. Inside the magazine, Madonna addresses sexuality and ageism. “Don’t be fooled, not much has changed, certainly not for women. We still live in a very sexist society that wants to limit people. Since I started, I have had people giving me a hard time,” Madonna told Cosmopolitan. She continued,”They didn’t think you could be sexual or have sexuality or sensuality in your work and be intelligent at the same time. For me, the fight has never ended.”