Rihanna: ‘Towards the Sun’ Single Review


After scoring a hit with “FourFiveSeconds,” Rihanna was in for a new treat to her fans with the release of “Towards the Sun,” from the Home Original Soundtrack. The victorious sounding song is a perfect display of Rihanna’s ability to sing an inspirational anthem that is a far cry from her biggest hits. Today, Rihanna is unstoppable with musical milestones coming one after the other. Now that the Barbadian singer is on this refreshing era of her career, dare we say that it is potentially her best yet. Rihanna is showing that, these days, it’s her talent that ultimately sells.

“Towards the Sun” starts with Rihanna’s restrained falsetto notes, as she heartfully sings, “Turn your face towards the sun / Let the shadows fall behind you / Don’t look back, just carry on / And the shadows will never find you.” The mid-tempo ballad shows Rihanna in full momentum as she continues to sing the triumphant verses till she comes to the hopeful chorus accompanied by thumping beats.

Though the song is catered for a general audience, Rihanna did not lose her dark and edgy trademark throughout the whole track. She puts her own twist to this exultantly executed soundtrack. The result is an overwhelmingly passionate song that talks about how to turn negativities away by saying that “I still swear that we can reign.”

Vocally, Rihanna is totally spot on in this record. Her commanding voice is felt as she urges to move forward from all previous hurts that could possibly stop the attainment of victory. Matched with anthemically inspiring lyrics, “Towards the Sun” could probably emerge as one of Rihanna’s best breakaway performances. The risk is high in the song, truth be told, as this is another drastic change from Rihanna’s good girl gone bad image. Well, the new bad girl gone good portrayal is truly appreciated as long as the fierce Rihanna will not go away.

It is the period when Rihanna’s vocal abilities may not be questioned at all, as fully emphasized in the song’s bridge when she sings, “Where you gonna run to / When you get to the edge of the night / Its time you face the sky.” Conversely, may this song signal her transition for more meaningful music with a positive amount of aggression. As a matter of fact, “Towards the Sun” ranks in the category of the best soundtracks of all time. Way to go, Rihanna!

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