Gisele Bundchen: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Gisele Bundchen is one of the most recognizable models in the world. The 35-year-old wife of Tom Brady may have settled down a little, but she’s still going strong. However, despite the fact that Bundchen has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some things that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Gisele Bundchen. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: She Was Discovered in a Mall. Bundchen was discovered in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo by the Elite modeling agency while she was on a field trip for school.

Number Fourteen: She Wore a $15 Million Bra. Bundchen wore Victoria’s Secret’s “Red Hot Fantasy Bra” for their 2000 holiday catalog. The bra includes 300 carats of Tahi Rubies and is reportedly worth $15 million.

Number Thirteen: She Might Be Responsible for Brazil’s Surge in Surgeries. Bundchen earned the nickname “Boobs from Brazil” by the early aughts, and some publications have accused her of being responsible for the increase in breast augmentation surgeries in Brazil.

Number Twelve: She Has a Twin. Though her twin is fraternal and not identical, Bundchen shared the womb with her sister, who is five minutes younger than she is. Bundchen has four other sisters as well.

Number Eleven: She Was Almost a Charlie’s Angel. Bundchen was offered the role of Alex Munday in 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. However, she turned it down, and the role ended up going to Lucy Liu.

Number Ten: It’s All in the Family. Bundchen has included her family in several aspects of her work. Her mother, Vania, appeared with her on a Mother’s Day advertisement for Victoria’s Secret, and her father made an appearance in another commercial she did.

Number Nine: She Kept Her Wedding Very Private. Bundchen and NFL star Tom Brady got married in 2009, but Bundchen didn’t release a single wedding photo until – get this – 2014! That’s right – she waited five years before sharing a wedding photo of the two of them.