Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown: ‘You Changed Me’ Single Review


Jamie Foxx is back in the music scene with some authentic R&B music. This time around, he has a single entitled “You Changed Me,” featuring Chris Brown. There is nothing like a girl who changes your life as he sings, “switched that up in one night, oh baby.” He’s on the proper record that so many fans came to love from his earlier material. It is the best single since “Fall For Your Type.” The pivotal rhythm of the beat from Boi-1da and Vinylz makes the record more plentiful.

Foxx provides excellent R&B persuasion on “You Changed Me.” It is a blessing to hear an auto-tune-free vocal delivery from the singer and reminds us of his brilliant vocal talent. I just want him off that auto-tune completely; it’s now played out, and he’s too great of a singer. It took him enough time to return to his best vocal style, but hopefully, more mature fans still care about his music. More importantly, with a fantastic hook, he harmonizes: “Ain’t no sense in frontin’ when you know I got a thing for you / Ain’t no other girls in mind it’s me and you baby, I love you / Used to be the kind of ni*** never wanna settle down / Cause you changed me baby.”

Of course, this is Foxx’s single, but Brown’s verse stole the light from Foxx in an immediate reaction. It is obvious that Breezy assassinated the verse: “I’m lickin’ on your body girl I’m feelin’ on your booty / Now you really wanna do the nasty / Girl I love it when you get on your knees you make me disappear like magic.” Brown’s loyal fans always show up and make a song bigger because of his presence on a record. Indeed, this song is given an even brighter future due to Brown being attached, which causes listeners who wouldn’t have otherwise given the song the time of day.

As a single, Jamie Foxx brought it back to the old school 90s sound; it’s a classy track, unlike all the others that talk about bullshit. However, here is one of the best songs heard this year. Chris Brown, as of now, has destroyed every feature this year so far. Jamie Foxx should refrain from featuring rappers and just focus on grown and sexy music – just like this single that does not disappoint in any way. Finally, “You Changed Me” is a real R&B release that could be added on Urban radios’ current rotation.