Fat Joe ft. Jennifer Lopez: ‘Stressin’ Single Review


Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez: Bronx, NY natives and lifelong friends reunite after almost ten years on new single “Stressin’,” to celebrate all of the life’s finer things. These two artists also collaborated in 2005 on “Hold You Down (Remix).” Fast forward nine years later, and this club-ready anthem is begging for spins from the DJ. Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez tag team hating glances while asking one question, “Do we look like we stressin’?” J Lo works the hook and Joe styles the verses, creating the perfect match. Effortlessly tailored for radio airplay, this jam is a natural fit for the current urban radio format.

Joe shows off his arrogant, cocky persona wonderfully in the rhymes as he boasts about: “throwing blowing blue faces / we be popping way more bottles than them other sections / leave a $1000 tip,” constantly throughout the record. In other words, stressing is far from the rearview mirror for Joe and his crew. Described lusciously within the first verse, he brags, “You people will never be royal.” Confidence is the key that unlocks the song’s success.The message unlocked, is that stress is a thing of the past. It’s the most official-sounding track since his 2004 hit, “Lean Back.”

Lopez is in perfect combat mode, showing off full-grown swagger during the hook. Shining in the midst of a crowd full of haters, she sings, “All eyes on us / ain’t nobody in the club looking in your direction.” Earlier this summer, Jennifer Lopez released her 10th album A.K.A., which was missing a hard-hitting urban single. Instead, management chose to release pop single “First Love.” Now, Fat Joe brings the best out of her on this track. This is the best meaningful feature for Jennifer Lopez since the 2011 dance chart-topper, “On The Floor.”

Fat Joe and J-Lo represent royally on club smash “Stressin’.” Rest assured, this record is very East Coast club-ready. It produces significant elements of hip-hop and modern contemporary rap in the same instance. As a result, it cohesively has all the components of a massive hit. Living life stress-free, at least for a few minutes, is clearly the objective. The hook is the glue that holds the song together; perfectly catchy. Now, one question, “Do we look like we’re stressin’?”