Top 10 Impressive LEGO Masterpieces (Part 1)

As an essential part of our childhood, we all loved LEGOs. Since we were just children playing with these little, colored pieces, LEGOs have always brought us wonder in the potential masterpieces that could be made. Even as adults, these “toys” continue to astonish us as artists get carried away with the awe-inspiring possibilities. We’re here to present our list of the ten most impressive LEGO masterpieces you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Number Ten: An Air-Powered Car. With only the spark of an idea and over 500,000 LEGOs, a Romanian fan constructed a life-sized, fully operable car. Yes – including the engine! This young builder created an engine entirely of LEGOs, running on the power of compressed air. This car can achieve a speed up to 17 miles per hour, and cost tens of thousands of dollars and 20 months of effort to build.

Number Nine: A 3D Printer. Anything is possible when you believe, and apparently that includes an operable 3D printer! This machine can carve out intricate designs in three-dimensional objects from computer programming. The machinery is almost entirely composed of LEGOs, as the only piece that is not a construction from the block “toys” is the drill that shapes the object.

Number Eight: The Word’s Biggest Toy Ship. The USS Intrepid was an aircraft carrier built for the use of World War II by the United States Navy. Thanks to LEGO fan Edward Diment, she now has a double! Deemed the largest LEGO ship replica at 23 feet long, the LEGO Entrepid is an impressive record breaker.

Number Seven: A Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. While many of us were building playful models of buildings and cities out of those iconic plastic blocks, a working-class bolt action sniper rifle was in production by other fanatics. This rifle includes magazines, sniper scope, and even a bipod- all entirely out of LEGOs. This masterpiece sure hit the bullseye!

Number Six: A Livable House. One man by the name of James May carried out the childhood dream of many: a life-sized house made of LEGOs! He used 3.3 million “bricks” and a thousand men to construct this astonishing feat in Surrey. The house features functional plumbing and LEGO home accessories, including a LEGO bed and even a LEGO cat, creating a fully livable LEGO home.