Cold War Kids: ‘Hold My Home’ Album Review

California’s Cold War Kids released their fifth studio album, Hold my Home. After a successful summer of playing at festivals, as well as having the first single from the album picked up by Samsung for their commercials, the band has proved it was all just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to Hold my Home.

Like the first single, which came out last summer, the band maintains a strong hold on their identity. CWK has put together an album that is catchy with complex drum patterns and strong guitar riffs. Hold my Home opens with that first single, “All This Could Be Yours,” and from there the album is fast and catchy.

Though “Drive Desperate” is unlike the first three songs has a more electric sound to it, it is probably the only one that is a bit different with the instruments. The song moves from synthesizer to full band, and then back to the synthesizer. It really makes Willett’s voice stand out on the track, and allows the listener to appreciate his talent as a singer.

If one song seems out of place on this album, it is “Go Quietly” which sounds a lot like a classic The Killers song. The whole track, from Willett’s voice to Joe Plummer’s drumming, makes it sound like 2006 The Killers. Willett’s falsetto also sounds influenced by Brandon Flower’s in their single, “When You Were Young,” and the instrumentation sounds vaguely familiar between the two tracks.

“Nights & Weekends” is another standout track, because it opens with a melodic violin part that ushers in Willett’s voice. From there, the track builds into full instrumentation and moves between full band backing to just drums. The track itself is beautiful in its ability to go from a single instrument to a full band.

Instrumentation and vocals on this album are strong, and like many previous albums by the band, it also has a catchy sound and beat. CWK sticks to what they know in this album and, frankly, it works for them.