Die Antwoord: ‘Ugly Boy’ Music Video Review


The first US video for Die Antwood’s “Ugly Boy” single off their third studio album, Donker Mag, has quite the array of cameos. The rap-rave duo hails from Cape Town, South Africa and has been around since 2008.  The video is directed by Ninja and produced by Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the same two that make up Die Antwoord (pronounced di’ant. vo-rt).  After being signed by Interscope Records, the pair created their own label in 2011 called Zef Recordz, through which they have released their second and third studio albums.

The video opens with a plain white wall with “ugly boy” being painted on in red paint. Cut to Yo-landi sitting in a beautiful, black, gothic-style chair, wearing all black with huge back wings. She has all black eyes contrasting against very pale skin and blonde hair. All of a sudden, there is a creepy clown. This would be extremely unsettling, but he starts dancing, which subdued my fear. There are some pretty awesome girls dancing in all white as Ninja raps “you and me make the whole world jealous / God knows I know my homegirl’s precious / life is crazy I know God Bless us.” While the lyrics are pretty solid throughout the whole song, the part of the video that stood out the most had to be the amount of famous cameos throughout.

I believe it is Aphex Twin standing around dressed as a black God. Cara Delevigne is hanging out with Ninja, holding a penis gun, and at one point pulling down Ninja’s pants. The ATL Twins are also in attendance. My top two favorite appearance would have to be Dita Von Teese, being her gorgeous self, topless in the black gothic room, and Marilyn Manson handing Yo-landi a rose on fire. Dita oozes sex, but you can tell it’s not an act. Dita and Yo-landi make me wish I could pull off black lipstick. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers also stops in and dances around, and Jack Black stands there with a cigar, and what looks like a burn mark on his face. The collection of characters is rather eclectic, but all look like they feel right at home with Die Antwoord.

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