Logic ft. Childish Gambino: ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ Single Review


Logic, the 22-year-old Maryland rapper, released his second single in 2014 featuring Childish Gambino; the track, “Driving Ms. Daisy,” is a great second single. It even got me to take note of Logic, who has always been just alright in my opinion. The track itself begins slowly with the sound of someone rewinding the beat, keys hitting, and drums coming in slow at first. Logic then begins to build up his flow, as it becomes faster on the beat.

Logic’s verse on his track is, I don’t want to say subpar, but it’s just above that. Towards the end of his verse it begins to get interesting when it starts to talk about real things. None of this “flashy, money and ho’s” type of rap that’s all over the place today in hip-hop. With lyrics like, “Shit I’ve been in doubt so long / don’t know who I was / But I know who I am / yes, I know who I is,” the track stood out to me because it feels like he is truly portraying some real emotions that I’m sure everyone has felt before. It was very different from a lot of the rappers that I have heard out lately.

The title itself “Driving Ms. Daisy” is kind of corny in my opinion; it would have been better if he had titled it something else as it doesn’t seem to relate to the movie of the same title at all. As for the lyrics, Childish Gambino outshines Logic here on his track, as I find myself loving Gambino’s verse a lot more than Logic’s and wishing Gambino had a chance to say more. The outro on the single is pretty intriguing too, because it’s almost a totally different song.

The outro starts around 3:00, and it begins with someone getting out of a car. Then the music fades in slowly. It’s a pretty unique way to end the album. “Driving Ms. Daisy” is more of a mellow song. Those who like to chill out while listening to music might really enjoy the track, since it has this mellow feel to it. All in all I think this is a single that has me pretty excited to hear more from Logic’s debut album, Under Pressure.