15 of the Weirdest Ways to Die (Part 1)


Passing on is never an easy experience, but these ways to die are just plain weird. Whether it be cruelly ironic or just plain wrong, these deaths are something to see. Check back for Part 2, to see the top seven of the weirdest ways to die!

Number Fifteen: Parachute Fail. Circa 1912, inventor Franz Reichelt invented a parachute suit. Little did he know, it would be his last invention. To test it out, he planned a debut for himself to jump off the Eiffel Tower. The invention sadly failed, and the fall sent him to his death in front of hundreds of people.

Number Fourteen: Sea World Accident. Sure, friends do stupid things sometimes, but at least they have never crushed you with a whale. That’s what Brian Hartley did to his friend Jay Newton while working at Sea World. While lifting a twenty-ton whale with a harness, Newton just happened to be underneath when Harley accidentally released the crane. Unfortunately, no one can survive being crushed by a whale.

Number Thirteen: Bad Mix. A girl by the name of Isadore Duncan was a dancer in 1920. She loved to wear long scarves, as was the fashion in the day. However, one day her trendy accessorizing led her to her demise. When riding in a convertible car one day, her long scarf flew into the rear tire of a car and broke her neck.

Number Twelve: Horse Fetish. You don’t need us to tell you this, but sex with a horse is a bad idea. Regardless of being just wrong, it can be apparently fatal. One man decided to try it out with his friends one day, and they even decided to tape it. Moments later, he was hospitalized with a ruptured colon from being on the receiving end of the horse. It eventually killed him.

Number Eleven: Happy Birthday. Usually, birthday parties are something to get excited for, but a 99-year-old woman named Debbie had a reason not to be. On the walk to her 100th birthday party, poor old Debbie was hit by the truck that was actually delivering her cake.

Number Ten: Soup Injection. Nurses are there to help, as long as they know what they are doing. Weirdly enough, one woman in Rio De Janeiro lost her life due to a nurse’s mistake. Getting her needles mixed up, this nurse accidentally injected the woman with soup, rather than injecting it into her feeding tube. This caused the woman to have a stroke soon after.

Number Nine: Video Game Addict. If you start to believe that your video gaming habits are becoming a problem, you should certainly do something about it. This man didn’t, and now he’s playing the big Xbox in the sky. What happened was this man in South Korea quit his job to spend more time playing video games. He started a video gaming marathon at his local coffee shop and played for 50 consecutive hours. This caused him to collapse from dehydration and heart failure.

Number Eight: Funeral Awakening. Of all the ways to die, this has got to be the most ironic. It would be quite a sight to observe your own funeral, but one woman in Russia was able to do so. After being wrongly pronounced dead, the woman woke up in a coffin at her own funeral. Overwhelmed with shock, she died of a heart attack.