Austin Mahone: ‘Torture’ Single Review

Austin Mahone is another artist that was parented by YouTube. He started his career by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube which got him the big career he has now. After several excellent songs since the beginning of his career, he has stayed steady on that path and now he brings forth “Torture.” Austin Mahone is an artist that many have recommended and applauded as an artist to watch. He does not let down on this, he has been consistent and you feel the maturation of his music with every song.

I cannot be the only one that is completely overwhelmed by songs that have pure innocence in their lyrics. Such songs appeal not only to your ears but you also feel them sink deep into your soul as they play. “Torture” is one of these songs. Austin Mahone has maintained the purity in his music an element most child stars lose as soon as they start getting older, and the fame and success obnubilate their musical dreams and ambitions. He hasn’t buckled under the pressure from the fame and success yet and I sure hope he never does.

“Torture” is not the song you want to listen to if you are desperately missing her or him. It is so well written, beautifully sang and the piano melody is so complementing this song will make your situation worse. There is a light guitar playing the background as well and the moment you realize it, you’ll sink into the depression of missing someone especially if you are missing them with something to regret. Austin Mahone does an outstanding job with this song. He manages to charm your emotions to get you feeling how the song is crafted to make you feel.

“If I could / turn back the hands of time I would / freeze the clocks and start all over / I would love you all the way just like I should / every minute without you feels like torture…,” these are the beautiful lyrics that Austin sings on the chorus. He is caught in regret where he wishes he had utilized the chance and the time he had with her. Now it’s too let and regret is the only feeling that he is dealing with. He just needs her loving and he is always ready to come running for it. This is a love long gone and Austin won’t be getting any of that love from her.

Austin Mahone is one artist that knows how to deliver music that can be consumed by all audiences. This is one of his specialties. We all love and lose love at one point, and when you are in deep regret over a love lost, you can use “Torture” as a theme song. Be warned though, it is such a powerful song it is guaranteed to make you feel worse. And a song that has such an impact is what I call a great song. A song well written and brilliantly presented to the intended audience is some of the descriptions that are fit for Austin Mahone’s “Torture.”