Top 10 Impressive LEGO Masterpieces (Part 2)

You’ve seen the first five of our top ten most impressive LEGO masterpieces, but wait until you lay eyes on the other half! Discover the functional instrument that one man built from those iconic plastic blocks, the record-breaking tower, and much more when you continue reading!

Number Five: A Piano. Musician Henry Lim spent years planning, testing, and creating the first functional LEGO piano, named “The Harpsichord”. Following his requirement, Lim made sure that the only parts of this creation not made from the toy bricks are the strings. This instrument has a 61 note range, is made of over 100,000 blocks, and weighs about 160 pounds.

Number Four: A Rubiks Cube Solver. The “Cubestormer 2” was a project commissioned by ARM Holdings with the intended function of solving a Rubiks cube. Using LEGO Mindstorms and the programming of a Samsung Galaxy S2, this robot breaks the Guinness World Record for the quickest solving of a Rubiks cube by a robot, with 5.2 seconds. This record has already been beat, by the robots successor “Cubestormer 3”, which utilizes the technology of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Number Three: A Life-Sized Volvo. Legoland, based in California, has its own elite construction team for building, named the LEGO Master Model Builders. To date, their most prized achievement is the construction of a Volvo XC90 replica, made completely from LEGO bricks. The car is life-sized, though cannot be driven due to its black windows.

Number Two: A Chaingun. The LEGO Chaingun is the ultimate in weapons, bearing eight barrels, a 64-shot capacity, and can continuously shoot up to eleven rounds per second. The working rifle was cute, but this creation can blow it smithereens! Development for this chain gun took a little over a month, and stands at 69 centimeters in length. Its power is sourced from a motor, and sadly specializes in rubber bands.

Number One: The Tallest Toy Tower. The record for the tallest built LEGO structure was broken in Budapest, where official builders constructed a tower with the help of Hungarian elementary students and the supervision of the mayor. The tower stands in the center of the city at 144 feet tall after two days of building, and the use of over 450,000 LEGO blocks.