7 Shocking Mind Tricks to Impress Anybody


It can be fun to play tricks on people, especially if the tricks are clever. Well, these seven shocking mind tricks are both clever and incredibly useful. Try any of these tricks at the next party you attend, and we promise you’ll get “oohs” and “ahhs.” Well, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the top seven shocking mind tricks to impress anybody below!

Number Seven: Trick Someone Into Saying the Word “Carrot.” Ask someone to verbally solve the following math equations: 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 4 + 4, and 8 + 8. Then ask them to name a vegetable. For whatever reason, almost everybody responds with “carrot.”

Number Six: Trick Someone Into Agreeing With You. If you’re about to have a tricky conversation with a particularly disagreeable friend, try nodding your head emphatically whenever you ask a question. Nodding your head while asking a question makes the respondent much more likely to agree with you.

Number Five: Make Anybody Whisper. If you have a friend who’s super loud and maybe a little embarrassing, just start whispering. More often than not, they’ll whisper to match the volume of your voice.

Number Four: Beat Anyone at Any Game. If you’re playing a game and really want to win but you just aren’t there, ask the person who is winning how they’re doing so well. Chances are they’ll overthink it and begin to mess up as a result.

Number Three: Mess Up Someone Who’s Counting. Though many people think that yelling out random numbers will mess up a person who’s counting, the real trick to messing up a counting person is to yell out numbers in consecutive order. The brain of the counting person will recognize the pattern of the consecutive numbers and will try to pay attention to it. You’re much more likely to mess up their counting that way than by yelling out random numbers.

Number Two: Trick Someone Into Gagging (And Maybe Vomiting!). This trick is a little more involved than the other ones, but it’s hilarious. If you really want to gross someone out, bet them that they can’t taste the difference between different kinds of milk, such as two percent, skim, and whole. Blindfold them, and have them taste the milk. Instead of the last milk, have them taste orange juice instead. Because their brain will be expecting milk, the acidity of the orange juice will be alarming and usually causes gagging. In extreme cases, it can even cause vomiting!

Number One: Beat Anyone in Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you’re at a party and need to really make yourself a rockstar, bet someone you can beat them in a game of rock, paper, scissors. Right before you’re about to count or even during the count, catch your opponent off guard by asking them a personal question. Right after they answer, resume counting, and make sure you throw rock. As a subconscious defense mechanism, your opponent will almost always throw scissors.