Top 10 Craziest Japanese Inventions (Part 1)

Inventions are great for enhancing our modern world, but these 10 Japanese inventions might be just a little too crazy. We don’t know what’s going on in Japan that makes people think these products were necessary, but they sure are entertaining! We might not be looking to buy any of these inventions anytime soon, but someone somewhere is getting rich off of them. Check back for part two of this article, to see the five craziest of the Japanese inventions!

Number Ten: Edible Phone Case. If you have ever wanted to snack on your phone case, this product was made with you in mind. The Japanese invention is a phone case made out of rice cakes, and won’t really protect your phone that well. Once it starts to chip off, however, you have a tasty snack. This odd product rings up at about $85, so you might just want to buy some rice cakes and glue them to your phone if you’re really so desperate.

Number Nine: Underwear Bag. Japanese culture has a strong dedication to practicality and resourcefulness. So if the “underwear bag” had to be made, you bet your buns it’s Japanese. This fabric bag is reusable, recyclable, and even transforms into an item you might not expect. With a little origami magic, this bag can be folded into a sexy and lacey set of panties and bra.

Number Eight: USB Leg Warmers. For consumers plagued with the pressing issue of chilly legs while at their computer, the USB leg warmers have emerged. These leg warmers come in an array of stylish options, and use a carbon heating element to warm your legs. The source comes from electricity harnessed from any USB port.

Number Seven: Diet Water. In a world dedicated to staying fit and finding the most trendy and effective ways of doing so, a company called Sapporo claims to have found the resolution we’ve all been searching for. The product they have come up with is… diet water. That’s right, someone is trying to market diet water. The company claims that it is better for you and will cause you to lose more weight, as well as having a better taste. But what’s better for you about it? That, they haven’t told us.

Number Six: Face Bra. If the onset of crow’s feet, laugh lines, and other wrinkles have you worried, now there is an invention that claims to be able to help put those worries to rest. Why not try a bra for your face? This lightweight, silicone device is attached to your head and puts slight pressure on your face in key areas. With this device, it is said that the relief from the device will help to banish existing wrinkles, as well as prevent new ones.