Jamie xx ft. Young Thug, Popcaan: ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ Single Review

Jamie xx ft Young Thug Popcaan I Know Theres Gonna Be Good Times Single Review - PPcorn


I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of Jamie xx when I first saw that his song “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” was released (but after some research I discovered he’s a member of the band “the xx” whom I was actually somewhat familiar with). Who I had heard of (without research) was Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug, who is featured on the song and who I was a casual fan of. Seeing the Thug feature got me interested so I figured I’d give Jamie xx a listen. I pressed the play button without knowing what to expect. So, after I heard what I had heard, I was pretty shocked.

“There’s gonna be good times, good times” a group of people sing as the song opens, starting the good vibes from the start.  “I know there’s gonna be -“. Add in the awesome beat and reggae singer Popcaan’s vocals. And finally – cue Young Thug. An unlikely, but winning combination. Thug’s high-pitched voice and sometimes mumbled lyrics are definitely something to get used to. What may seem ridiculous at first can actually be very enjoyable, especially over Jamie xx’s marvelous production. Young Thug’s lines can be pretty wild, but he somehow makes them very catchy. Honestly, I don’t even know what Thug is talking about at some points – I had to look up the lyrics. But I’m feeling the song so much that it doesn’t even matter to me. And whether they are understandable or not, all of his lines are strangely wonderful. He opens his second verse with “Imma ride in that pussy like a stroller.” It’s my favorite line.

Can you say “song of the summer”? That’s exactly what this song is. It is such a feel-good track that is just plain fun to listen to. I’ve been playing non-stop the past few weeks. Whether I’m driving around with the windows down, laying on the beach, or walking around outside all day at work, I’m always in the mood for this song. Jamie xx’s production, Thug’s rapping and Popcaan’s singing mesh together to create something special. It’s easily my “song of the summer” and one of my favorites songs released last year.

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