Surgery: 10 Most Horrific Stories (Part 1)

Whenever it is necessary for patients to undergo surgery, one can only hope and pray that everything goes right. Unfortunately for these ten patients, hoping and praying just didn’t quite do the trick. These ten scary surgeries show us the real life horrors of the events that take place when a medical procedure goes horribly wrong. Don’t forget to check back for part two of this article, where we present the most horrifying top five of these scary surgeries that failed.

Number Ten: Hit Where It Hurts. A boy by the name of David Reimer was involved in a horrible incident of a circumcision gone wrong, after which the only medical solution was to remove the appendage… by burning it off. The accident was life changing for the boy, as his parents then changed his name to Brenda, and raised his as a girl instead. That has got to be one confusing childhood.

Number Nine: Dental Disaster. Requiring a simple dental procedure of having three of his teeth removed, Christopher Crist entered a dentist office one fateful day to complete the work. However, rather than walking out with three holes in his mouth, he left with his entire mouth vacant of any teeth at all.

Number Eight: Tonsil Tragedy. The medical procedure of removing tonsils is a simple and common practice that most people are unnecessarily fearful of. However, after witnessing this surgery gone wrong, it might make sense to be frightened by tonsillitis. After the surgery to remove the tonsils from a teenage girl in Oakland, the patient experienced profuse bleeding from her mouth and nose and was later pronounced to be brain-dead.

Number Seven: Feces Frustration. After intestinal distress, a man received news that he was required to have surgery in order to attach his colon to his anus. During the surgery, however, and error was encountered when the doctors accidentally attached it to his bladder. To this day, the unlucky patient has to excrete his feces and digestive gasses through his penis.

Number Six: Manhood Massacre. After a man residing in England was unfortunate enough to be plagued with cancer in one of his testicles, he had no choice but to have it removed. During the surgery, the doctor accidentally removed the healthy testicle and was unable to put it back when he discovered his error. Then, he removed the correct one.