Top 10 Weirdest Items Found Under a Bed (Part 1)

Underneath our beds lie a whole lot of dust, our deepest secrets, and maybe even some old pizza, but the weirdest things ever found under someone’s bed have finally been discovered. We have ten disgusting, creepy, and just plain mind-boggling objects to explore under the beds of 10 unlucky souls, and it is time to get started. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, featuring the top five weirdest things ever found under a bed!

Number Ten: A Crocodile. While staying at a ranch in Zimbabwe, one man woke up to quite a surprise. A seemingly normal morning, this man was eating breakfast in the kitchen of his room after a sound night’s sleep. He was startled by the terrified cries of a maid and walked in to see a 330-pound crocodile resting under the bed he had slept in. He even remembered putting his legs over the side of the bed as he woke up in the morning, and was almost unaffected by the croc’s presence. They were able to wrangle him up and moved him back to where he belonged.

Number Nine: Napoleon’s Penis. After the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, this French Emperor underwent an autopsy with the intention of preserving the organs of the historic legend. Apparently, this included the man’s penis, which was given to a priest in Corsica. The man’s manhood was passed from British collector to a New York museum, to a urologist who eventually purchased it. After the urologist’s passing, the appendage was found by his daughter, who received offers up to $100,000 for it.

Number Eight: A Sinkhole. Having been in a potentially fatal situation, one grandmother residing in Guatemala City thanks her lucky stars every day for her life. After waking up to what she had assumed was a loud car crash, the woman rushed outside to help. Once outside, a neighbor had revealed to her that the sound of the crash had come from inside her home. Upon inspection, the woman uncovered a sink hole forty feet deep with a diameter of three feet- under her bed! The woman was exceptionally lucky, as the sinkhole could’ve taken her own life, as well as the lives of her granddaughters.

Number Seven: A Random Guy. When a 61-year-old woman in Florida had lost her cat, she began searching for him. She looked in all of the spots you might expect a cat to hide, including under her bed. Though when she reached beneath her bed, it wasn’t a fluffy tail she felt, but someone’s skin. Startled, the woman jumped back unsure of how to handle the situation. The burglar came out from under the bed and ran out of the home, also in terror. However, the man was later caught.

Number Six: A Million Dollars. One lucky landlord of a residence in China had not seen hide nor tail of his resident in quite some time. Eventually, the resident had still not returned and he decided to clean the home. While cleaning under the bed, he found four boxes stuffed with the equivalent of over $1 million, that he soon turned into the officials.