DJ Khaled ft. Trey Songz, Future, Jeremih: ‘You Mine’ Single Review

DJ Khaled once again gives the world another massive collection of the hottest collaborations in the industry with “You Mine,” a single off of his latest album called I Change A Lot. A long time ago, DJ Khaled mastered the art of putting together artists with different styles to blend their distinct creativity to present music that’s worth every penny. He came into the industry and brought a revolution where he’d bring as many artists as he can on a song. This has become a Khaled norm and one of the reasons his albums are some of the most anticipated.

“You Mine” combines top-notch production skills from DJ Khaled, the beautiful vocals of Trey Songz and Jeremih and the gruff delivery of Future to give us yet another well put together collaboration. Trey Songz takes the lead; he introduces us to the song with his splendid vocals and as he sings, “Oh! No…” before DJ Khaled comes through with his trademark reminder, “Another one” after which he shouts “DJ Khaled” in the background. That’s always exciting for anyone that’s a fan of his work.

Jeremih then picks it up from there with the chorus. Jeremih lets the magnificence of his voice reign to produce a very catchy chorus that will be ringing in your ears long after the song has stopped playing. It is not often that we have two R&B gods on the same hip hop song, but Trey Songz and Jeremih made it work here. It was an excellent display of vocal transcendence from both artists, and there was no feeling of struggle to keep up from either of them. They both had their different roles well accomplished.

DJ Khaled’s “You Mine” is an assurance to that girl that she’s truly yours. If she has been having some doubts, you might consider calling forth the very convincing assurance these artists delivered on this song. From Trey’s verse, you can tell that he knows her well. Trey Songz sings, “Tell them other n***** stop wasting their time, you mine, you mine…” The well-matched fluctuations in the flow, tone and pitches of his voice are as beautiful as always, and they present what I believe is the best verse on the song.

Jeremih on the second chorus is assisted by Trey Songz who provides background vocals, and what they deliver here is completely admirable. Jeremih remains the main voice, and you only hear Trey Songz in the background providing well-timed vocalization.

Future delivers a good verse. It is only that it’s the same Future sound, flow and delivery we hear all the time. He is a great musician, albeit one whose delivery has a banality about it that is frankly no longer that captivating. He always delivers good verses that sound like a verse of his you have heard before – with just a few tweaks. Nevertheless, he does an acceptable job on “You Mine,” and the slight tweaks to his flow and delivery are actually quite enjoyable.