Jill Scott: ‘Fool’s Gold’ Single Review


Jill Scott is on a goose chase on hip-hop soul single “Fool’s Gold,” from her latest album Woman. I can’t believe the one man she loved the most changed her world upside down, surprising shenanigans behind her back apparently has her singing the blues to heal her deeply wounded soul. Of course, our neo-soul sister flows over the beat with a ruling sustained essence. Allowing her incredible soulful power, impact the pain from her “Living the dream” as, so she thought,”Believing things that just ain’t true.”

The moment her heart fell in love is the second,”You ran away,” turning her attention other places, revealing, “She wasn’t living at all,” because of chasing fallacious hope. Inside personal thoughts, deep within her inner voice warned her,”Knew you weren’t right,” but “Breaking your spell / was a plan I never devised.” Until the moment, it became clear,”I would’ve been living forever / As your fool.”

It’s hopeful, the rugged hip-hop soul components in the production during this musical encounter, ultimately, leaves an ever-lasting impression, and possibly developing in time into a timeless classic. The production pushes nobly into excellence by creating an ideal world for the lyrics to speak volumes and catch the intended listener. Possibly, a remix could be serviced with Hip-Hop artists Mos Def and Common whose imagery, and lyrical content would flourish accompanying the rhythm of the song.

As a single, from her fifth album this song heightens the excitement to an all-time high, and no Wiz Khalifa needs any burning. Flaming through the sky is the voice of Jill Scott igniting from the smoke building in the lungs due to the divine power of that voice working to consume our minds and soul with real music. Scott blows another dragon-fire sensation record that is a uniquely surprising angle after the powerfully unbelievable “You Don’t Know.”