Surgery: 10 Most Horrific Stories (Part 2)

If part one of the 10 most horrific surgery stories left you cowering in fear of hospitals, well, part two might not be the best recommendation for you. However, sometimes you just can’t help but need to know. These surgeries may alter your perception of medical procedures forever, but just keep in mind that the chances of these scary surgeries are incredibly rare.

Number Five: Leave It, I’d Rather Die. A man named Hurshell Ralls checked in one day to get a cancerous lump removed from his bladder. In addition to the bladder chunk, the doctors had also removed his penis and testicles in order to keep the cancer from spreading. The surgery went fine, however, no one told Ralls that he was coming out of it smooth until after the procedure had been finished.

Number Four: Think About It. Some hospitals are great at what they do, and some just need to rethink their hiring decisions. One particular hospital located in Rhode Island is a great example of this. In this hospital, brain surgery was operated on the wrong side of the brain of three patients- all in the same year.

Number Three: Scissor Splice. It really is mind-blowing how much trouble medical professionals have keeping track of their surgical instruments. What is even worse, is when they lose them inside of a patient. That is what happened to a Mr. Donald Church when he checked into a hospital to have a tumor removed, and walked out with a rather large and pointy surgical instrument in his gut.

Number Two: Not the Nose! For those of you who have ever considered utilizing the technology of plastic surgery to get a nose job, you should probably just remind yourself how thankful you are that you even have a nose. After Vishal Thakkar received a nose job from one of the “best” plastic surgeons in the business, he experienced difficulties breathing and actually had to have the nose removed altogether.

Number One: It Wasn’t Worth It. A man by the name of Sherman Sizemore was in need of a routine surgery and proceeded to have it taken care of. However, due to either a medical error or a rare invincibility to his anesthetic, Sizemore was able to feel every poke, prod, and slice during the procedure. What’s even worse, the anesthetic did manage to paralyze him and prevent communication with the doctors, who completed the surgery. Although he survived, he was so traumatized by the intense pain of the surgery that he later committed suicide. Obviously, he has never had to experience child birth.