Top 11 Sex Toys for Men (Part 1)

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “sex toys“? A bright pink dildo? Probably not a super masculine gadget, right? Well, dudes, we’ve got some treats for you. Here, we present our list of the top 11 sex toys for men. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Eleven: Stronic Zwei. Unlike regular vibrators, the Stronic Zwei is a pulsator, which actually goes back and forth, rather than side to side (like a vibrator). The back and forth motion mimics real sex more than a vibrator can, so if you want to feel like you’re as close to the real thing as possible, this would be the way to go. The Strong Zwei costs $199.99 and can be purchased at

Number Ten: We Vibe 4 Plus. This toy is best used for men in relationships. The toy connects to your phone and can be controlled form across the room or across the country. And it doesn’t have to be used with a partner! You can use the We Vibe on yourself just by pressing a few buttons on your phone and positioning the vibe in place. The We Vibe 4 Plus costs $179 from

Number Nine: Cobra Libre II. This toy is great for guys who are all about that head – of their own genitalia. The toy fits snugly over the head of the penis, which is often ignored as a source of pleasure. The toy also vibrates, and its vibration patterns can be adjusted to your liking. The Cobra Libre II costs $129.99 and can be purchased from

Number Eight: Ceres Glass Dildo. This dildo is special because it’s intended primarily for use in the rectum, where men’s prostate glands are located. The dildo is made from a special kind of glass that is designed to accommodate any type of lube, including olive oil, coconut oil, or even peanut butter (if you’re extra kinky). The Ceres Glass Dildo costs $160 and can be purchased from

Number Seven: Fun Wand. The Fun Wand is exactly that – a wand designed for all sorts of sexual fun! The wand features several spheres along its length designed to maximize rectal pleasure, and it’s made from a material similar to the glass dildo that won’t irritate or inflame your skin. The Fun Wand costs $95 from Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 11 sex toys for men, coming soon!