Cell Phones: 12 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)


Back for more absurd and true facts about cell phones? We are about to present to you the six craziest facts of the whole bunch, so read on! You might just learn something new!

Number Six: Pee Power. The technology and engineering ventures for various revolutionary new ways to charge a mobile phone seem to be getting a tad bit out of hand. What do we mean? Well, for example, studies and experiments are currently in works for a method of charging mobile devices with energy sourced from a consumer’s urine. How’s that for crazy.

Number Five: Apple on Top. After becoming a worldwide hit, the Apple iPhone has certainly taken the chance to prove its worth. Sales for the one single device have reached record highs; higher than all of the products from Microsoft combined.

Number Four: Modern Technology. Needless to say, the field of technology has advanced to unbelievable levels in recent years alone. The computing technology that landed the Apollo 11 on the moon is now available to any consumer worldwide, at a fairly cheap price, in every smartphone. Actually, smartphones are equipped with even more computing power.

Number Three: The Trouble with Toilets. Not everyone has their own toilet, but it seems as if just about everyone has their own smartphone. Studies estimate that more people in the world are owners of smartphones than owners of toilets. I guess some people would rather be connected while they are sitting on a hole in the ground.

Number Two: Splash! Speaking of toilets, they have proven to be the enemy of cell phones to most owners. Though a bag of rice is always a quick, go-to remedy, the issue can be quite a nightmare. In Britain particularly, over 100,000 phones are making an accidental splash in toilets every year. Talk about a crappy day.

Number One: Texting is My Life. Over any other country in the world, it is said that the Philippines earns the title of the highest users of text messages. On a daily basis, the inhabitants of this country are composing a shocking record of over 1.4 billion text messages.