Sex: 88 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Everywhere it seems, sex is made out to be one big, majestic secret saved for enlightenment once a person reaches a certain age. Although, even when we reach this age, many more secrets of the natural act arise into question. To catch you up with everything there is to know about sex, we have created an extensive article explaining the whopping 88 facts that nobody tells you about sex- except for us, of course. We warn you now: some of these facts are quite strange but very true. This article is not for the faint of heart. Also, make sure to keep checking back, as we will update the sites with parts one through nine of the 88 facts no one tell you about sex; there is so much to learn!

Number Eighty-Eight: The Deed Being Done. For those of you who have double standards thinking men are the only gender that cheat on their significant other, I can tell you right now that you are dead wrong. Women are unfaithful just as often as men, and they are most likely to do this during ovulation.

Number Eighty-Seven: The Lie Loophole. For those of you who have a problem lying to the opposite gender, there is probably good reason for it. Statistically speaking, it is actually harder to lie to someone when you see them as physically attractive. Not that you should be lying to them anyway…

Number Eighty-Six: Baby Gravy. Oddly enough, the contents of male sperm include a lot of nutrients. From a sample of thirty different men, the following have been found: cholesterol, ascorbic acid, fructose, pyruvic acid, Vitamin B12, sorbitol, citric acid, inositol, lactic acid, nitrogen, salts, enzymes, and even more various chemicals.

Number Eighty-Five: Magic Chocolate. Rumor has it that chocolate provides certain chemicals that effect your mood with such impact that it is often used to fight depression. What you didn’t know is that this chemical is also responsible for the feeling that comes from love and sexual attraction.

Number Eighty-Four: Effects of Birth. These are just the facts, and we should warn you now, they aren’t all pretty. For example, the fact that most women who have given birth bear a labia minora darker than the women who haven’t. We don’t know what makes it happen, but it is kind of weird.

Number Eighty-Three: A Dose of Monthly Libido. The sexual attraction that women feel has proven to be quite a puzzle. A secret to the puzzle, however, is to know that women experience their highest levels of libido right before having their period. So if you’re a woman that is uncharacteristically hot and heavy, you can expect your period pretty soon.

Number Eighty-Two: At the Bank. If you have ever wondered how a sperm bank keeps their specimens fresh, it involves a cooler at about -321 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, sperm could last literally forever, in theory.

Number Eighty-One: The Young Man. The coming of a young man’s 18th birthday is a spectacular event of a boy finally evolving into a man. Especially because, speaking in terms of nature, this is when a male reaches his sexual peak.