American Horror Story: 40 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We have presented to you the first set of ten unknown secrets about American Horror Story, and now we are back to bring you ten more! Keep reading to discover all there is to know about your favorite thrilling television series! These secrets are absolutely horrific! Be sure to come back for parts three and four, with the juiciest 20 unknown secrets about American Horror Story!

Number Thirty: I Want That Font. The show features quite a unique and fitting font at the beginning and end of each episode. This lovely, artistic font is called Chelsea Studio and was designed by David F. Nalle.

Number Twenty-Nine: The Dirt on Peters. Peters began his acting journey at the young age of 15 years. Like any boy at that age in the time, he had only one reason for this: to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Number Twenty-Eight: The Official Asylum. The history of Briarcliff Manor, the eerie asylum, was actually a courthouse in its prime. Now, it serves as a museum in Orange County, California.

Number Twenty-Seven: Creating Pepper. Naomi Grossman plays quite a convincing Pepper, a character starring in two of the AHS seasons. However, it isn’t easy to transform into a “pinhead”; it takes her about three hours in make-up to achieve the right look. They even shaved her head.

Number Twenty-Six: Shelley’s Struggle. In the third season, Asylum, actress Chloe Sevigny played to part of a promiscuous patient named Shelley. For the filming of the episodes that revealed her horrible mutations, Sevigny had to wear prosthetics that made it difficult for her to walk. So, they just pushed her around in a wheelchair.

Number Twenty-Five: Peters, the Ladies’ Man. Who could forget the scene in Asylum that a shirtless Evan Peters gets hosed down? Well, Paulson and Lange will never forget it, for sure. During the filming of the scene, Peters “accidentally” flashed the two costars with a sneak-peak of his baby makers, if you know what we mean.

Number Twenty-Four: Together Again, at Last. Also starring in Asylum, actors James Cromwell and Frances Conroy are not strangers to each other. They played a unique couple for the production of Six Feet Under.

Number Twenty-Three: Bringing the Family to Set. To find the perfect actor to play the flashback version of Cromwell’s character, the casting staff sought out the family. Chosen to play this role was no other but Cromwell’s son, John.

Number Twenty-Two: A True Story. Oddly enough, the couple of Alma and Kit Walker, introduced in the Asylum season of American Horror Story, were based on a real-life couple. The abduction story of this soon-to-be famous interracial couple caught a lot of attention from the media, from which came a book and even a movie.

Number Twenty-One: The Creepy Banjo. After the effects of such creepy scenery necessary to film Asylum left actors spooked, actor Zachary Quinto decided it was a good idea to take along his banjo to the set one day. Between shots, the playing actually relaxed the actors. It worked, although it seems to me like it might have the opposite effect.