Justine Skye: ‘I’m Yours’ Single Review


Justine Skye had a lot to celebrate last year. After releasing an underrated DJ Mustard produced R&B slow-burner called “Collide”, Skye’s star continues to rise with each live performance and interview she lands. The Brooklyn native has been hard at work creating music to satisfy her collective groups of fans that can be found at your nearest Tumblr url or posting selfies on Instagram. Justine Skye has been working toward her music career since the age of 16 and three years later the hard work is definitely paying off. On June 23rd she released her second EP Emotionally Unavailable 13 tracks showcasing Skye’s naturally cool persona over exciting rhythmic beats, personal studio interludes and slowing it down occasionally to express her feelings on everything a teenager is experiencing when it comes to relationships whether it be happily being in one or trying to get past love.

Before Emotionally Unavailable came out, Skye released “I’m Yours,” a sonically pleasing song about being someone’s one and only. The production from The Insomniacs really helps the song from sounding like your standard radio tailored single about love and I like the rhythmic sound Skye is going for with this song. “I’m Yours” really captures that feelings of being in love for the first time and fans of Justine will definitely be feeling this track. Roc Nation signee Vic Mensa has been gaining some buzz ahead of his debut album Traffic and his verse on this track is another win in his book. Mentioning 50 Cent’s classic song “21 Questions” Mensa adds a little happiness toward the end of the song, “I’ve seen so many girls tonight, I don’t know what to do now / But tell you you’re mine.”

I can vouch that “I’m Yours” is a nice sample of what you can expect to hear on Emotionally Unavailable. It’ll be interesting to see if the mainstream will embrace Justine because she definitely has the talent to add to the group of artists trying to invigorate the R&B scene. A genre that can always use some new blood. We may not be discovering new territory on this song but who doesn’t like a good love song every once in a while? Be ahead of the wave and give this one a listen before she blows up on you.