Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown, Tyga: ‘Do It Again’ Single Review


Not much is known about Pia Mia Perez famously known as just Pia Mia. She is an American singer, actress, songwriter and model, and another one of those that owe their success to YouTube.  She plays instruments too, she is quite commendable on the guitar and piano. She is generally another multi-talented artist that this industry is blessed with. She has been on the music scene for a while but she has not yet made an impact to the hard to impress audiences. But with her latest single “Do It Again” which features Chris Brown and Tyga, she just might be on her way to that impact.

“Do It Again” does not sound new to me. It reminds me of a song titled “Let’s Do It Again” by an artist called J Boog. The chorus is actually exactly the same and this brings me back to a recently published piece that talked about “The Demise Of Creativity In The Music Industry.” The habit / trend of sampling old songs is really catching on. I am worried creativity is starting to be highly ignored in the industry. But nevertheless, Pia Mia and these gentlemen did an awesome job with this song.

This song is definitely meant for the summer, the sound has summer written all over it. Pia Mia might just have made the song that is supposed to put her high up in the ranks of the industry. In “Do it Again,” Tyga introduces us to the potential hit song talking about that vacation affair, he raps; “Got your legs racing hard on vacation.” Tyga has always been about style and flow, traits that are impeccably employed on this song. When it’s Tyga on a track, you can be guaranteed of a catchy verse that will blow your mind as if it’s the first time you are listening to him. He always sounds new and fresh.

Pia Mia comes in after Tyga’s verse and she tells us how she thought it was something special when she met that boy. When she kissed him, she thought it was true love and he must have made quite an impression because Pia wants to go back. It’s at this point that she sings the chorus, “it was nice to, nice to know ya, let’s do it again / how we did it in a one night stand / boy I wanna be more than a friend to ya.” One of the most notable things about her is her vocal ability. She is an angel when she’s singing. Then she has to go on and hit those high notes just right when she’s doing background vocalization. She is one hell of a singer and that fact is completely outstanding on “Do It Again.”

After dying of excitement and anticipation, Chris Brown finally comes in with the third verse. And guess what!? The falsetto is back and it makes the intro as he sings, “Hey baby, are you sure that you want it / or caught up in the moment (let me know now).” It is always beautiful when Breezy sings his falsetto and on “Do It Again” it is no exception. He goes on to deliver a well sang and creatively flowing verse. It is Chris Brown as we love him. He adds value to an already highly impressive song.

When I got this song, I played it 5 times non-stop, you know why? It’s because everyone on this song brought their A game. They walked into that booth ready to murder the competition anyone else might be bringing this summer. And it was a well-executed murder because the outcome is pleasant as you listen to this song. Pia Mia chose the right team to aid in making this song every bit the hit it’s going to be.