Sex: 88 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 3)

You have been amazed to learn the first eighteen facts they won’t tell you about sex, and now we are back to reveal the next ten! Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this sinfully juicy and secretive act! You might just be surprised! Make sure to come back for part four, where we reveal the ten more facts they don’t tell you about sex! You never knew facts could be so sexy!

Number Seventy: Beating Fast. Upon experiencing an orgasm, the human heart beats significantly faster than many activities that cause your heartbeat to quicken. Statistically speaking, it will beat at about 140 beats per minute at the peak.

Number Sixty-Nine: Over and Over. If you are a woman who has ever wondered about how many times you have had sex, we may just have a ballpark figure for you. Over the span of a woman’s reproductive years, the average woman has sex an estimated 3,000 times.

Number Sixty-Eight: Getting There Fast. It does not take too much to get a man excited. In fact, the average male under the age of 40 can get it up in just 10 seconds.

Number Sixty-Seven: Down and Dirty. It is not easy to find a woman who would be open to having anal sex. Probably because they have already tried it out. According to studies, this act is something that 43% of women have experienced.

Number Sixty-Six: What Really Matters. Contrary to what men believe, the size of a man’s penis isn’t very important to most women. In a poll, women ranked it to be the ninth most important feature of a man. In the same poll, men ranked it as the third most important in the eyes of a woman. Relax, boys!

Number Sixty-Five: Lightning Fast. We have all heard the rumor that a male ejaculation can travel at lightning fast speeds, but how fast does it really travel? Apparently, this speed can reach anywhere up to 28 miles per hour. That is faster than the world record for the fasted 100m sprint.

Number Sixty-Four: Little Swimmers. These little swimmers are quite an amazing creation of nature. When inside the female body, a single sperm has the ability to swim an average of seven inches per hour.

Number Sixty-Three: Going the Distance. Along the lines of male ejaculation, we have another interesting little factoid. The average shooting of sperm can travel an impressive distance of anywhere from one to two feet.

Number Sixty-Two: The Biggest of Them All. Remarkably, the size of the largest penis ever recorded reached a length of 13 inches. The smallest was measured at a mere 1 centimeter.

Number Sixty-One: Multiplying Masochists. Masochism is a growing fetish; however, it is much more common among men. For every one female masochist in the world, there exists 20 male masochists.